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RE: Psychology Addict # 50 | Why Good People Do Evil Things?

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This is an incredibly insightful comment Alexander. Thank you!

It brought to might a phenomenon psychologists refer to as the ‘halo effect’, which basically drives us to attribute positive characteristics to attractive people, despite having little of lack of evidence to back such attributions ref.. I believe the halo effect plays a part in the way we perceive the wrongdoings of our superheroes, as they typically are (really) good looking. Together with some confirmation bias!
I am glad to hear The Raft has been included in your watchlist. I have no doubt you will like it. I had never heard of Lifeboat before (I know nothing about the works of Hitchcock). But I know that Genovés’s idea was inspired by an incident he witnessed on an airplane. So, who knows … Lifeboat + incident on plane = a very, very peculiar experiment!

Thank you for stopping by and disseminating wisdom around these quarters!
All the best to you 😊