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RE: The Dark Side Of Technological (Industrial) Revolution - How Safe Are You?

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Hey Sammi,

Thank you for making us all think about the “dark side” that results from the comfort technology brings to our lives. Oblivion is not a good thing! So, as always, your posts touch on topics that I have never come across before. For example, this is the first time I’ve heard about drones replacing bees’ politization and ASI.

As I read you post I attempted to imagine what is going to happen to humanity, to the future of the planet. Governments are not preparing for such events, much less at the speed they are taking place. People are not being informed. Without information how can they possibly know what the future might hold? For them, for their children, for their grandchildren… It breaks my heart when I hear about situations like the one you mentioned in Nigeria. People’s livelihood and wild life just gone like that! :/

This is an eye-opening topic Sammi, and you managed to convey it in a concise, critical and constructive way. You rock! :*

Wish you a lovely night, filled with lots of stars 😊


Thanks a lot dearest Abbey.
I've been a proponent of emerging technology and have supported the advancement of new technologies, but we should also let people to know what to expect with advancement of technology. When we we become aware of this, then we will know how to balance the negative side with the positive side.
In all these though, technology has come to stay, the only thing we need to do is to adapt and flow with the trend.

Thanks so much dear Abbey. Much love from this side of Sub-Saharan Africa