Easy way to convert Steem Dollars into Steem

in steemsteemit •  2 years ago

Click your wallet, where it shows how much Steem Dollars you have, click the arrow for the drop down.


Click convert to Steem from the drop down menu.


Enter the amount you wish to convert and click convert.

Confirm the convert by clicking ok. It will convert in 3.5 days.

User login request, enter password to process.

Ta da that's it! That is how you convert Steem dollars into Steem.

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Upvoted and re-steemed because this will help some newbies!

Have a great week!
Steem on,


Thanks Mike! Have a great week :)

This is a really great tutorial simple and easy to follow
I am going to re-steam this there's a lot of people that don't know how to do this


thank you!!

thnx for posting this, much appreciated.


Your welcome! :)

This is good for newbie like me. Thank you.


Your welcome!

Thank you for useful information. But the more simple variant exists. Use www.blokctrades.us.

Thanks for posting. I just learned to use steem dollars to purchase steem on the internal market as an alternative. The internal market is listed in the menu on the upper right corner and the steem is credited instantly to your wallet when your buy order fills. Just another way of getting it done. Hope it helps.

I find it much easier and faster to transfer to block trades and then immediately they redeem me SP.

Unless the price goes up 1000x I can't imagine I'll ever do this, but for those of us with big followings it's very helpful! Thanks!