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Hi everyone!

This week I didn't have time to write an article because of my exams and my internship search. So instead of proposing a new topic, I wanted to show you a page I started writing this week following the creation of the Honor Members status (and especially Mentors) among the SteemSTEM community.

This page is intended to help SteemSTEM authors to find the content they need for their articles, such as images, data, open access scientific studies or online tools and software (there is also a reminder of useful links provided on the Discord SteemSTEM useful-links room). I hope that it will also allow other mentors to, for example, recommend alternatives when a content used by one of their mentees does not meet copyright criteria or to find useful tools like HackMD (thanks Suesa for making me know this site), Algodoo or Google Scholar. Keep in mind that the goal is not to reference all the websites but to list the sites you use often for your articles.

You can find this page on GitHub at this address:

I chose GitHub so that everyone can propose an item that seems to him useful without being limited by the 7 days limit of Steem. So I invite you to give me your suggestions of sites to add in the comments of this article or on GitHub :)

That's all, I hope you will find this page useful, if you have any feedback, don't hesitate! :)

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I think this will be of great benefit to some of the community, especially the newer members!

Thank you for the information. It certainly would be useful for us.

Oh man this is great!! Thanks for the resources!! I can now just guide new members/mentees to this post instead of having to answer them the same stuff over and over!! You made life easy!! Cheers on that!! :D

Wow! This is by far the most useful post I've seen so far since I've been here.

I never knew of HackMD! It's so fabulous.....
The SciPost website is also great! Thanks so much for sharing this!


Thank you for your comment!
If you know a website that I could add, do not hesitate :)

Oh wow, thanks for sharing! These can be helpful indeed. :D