steemstats 0.3.5 - improved post inspector, fixes and prep for 0.14.0

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The 0.3.5 update is primarily focused on a new post inspector, some minor tweaks and a few bug fixes.

If you're unfamiliar with, I'd recommend you check out the rest of my blog posts to read through the evolution of this tool.

Improved Post Inspector

New Post Inspector

The new post inspector is designed in preparation for the upcoming vote changes (in steem 0.14.0) and helping understand the impact votes have on posts. The header is now the post's title (which if clicked, goes to the post), the author, the time posted, as well as a link to the post on or

For each vote, from left to right, you have the following information:

  • The calculated weight of the vote (the bold number), and below it, the vote weight percentage specified by the voter, and the total percentage of weight contributed to the post (in parentheses) .
  • The account who cast the vote and how long ago it was cast
  • The total reward shares contributed to the post by the voter
  • The current/estimated contribution to the author's post reward.
  • The current/estimated curation reward the voter will receive.

The current/estimated rewards currently only works for posts in the first payout period, but the post inspector now works from both the Recent Activity screen and the Posts screen.

Bug Fixes & Improvements

  • Fixed a bug on the curation stats reward that was displaying SBD.
  • Fixed an issue with comment payout calculations sometimes displaying incorrectly.
  • Removing a watched account now also resets the account followers/following tabs.
  • Fixed a few memory leaks (still more work needs to be done here)
  • Attempt at fixing the timezone problem. For those of you that experienced the time calculations being incorrect, please let me know if the post inspector's dates are now correct.
  • Added link on each post that leads to
  • Added link on each user that leads to
  • Added new operation types for 0.14.0 support next week.

Future of steemstats

I've mentioned this before in a few of my other posts, but never in an update for steemstats itself. Currently I am evaluating the potential of merging and into a single website, focusing both on the realtime and historical aspects in the same tool.

This somewhat long process has caused me to halt the addition of new features on steemstats, until I fully evaluate if and how this would work. Over the past few weeks I've been actively learning and exploring react, evaluating it as a replacement for angular, which currently powers steemstats. I have also been expanding the APIs on steemdb for an integration regardless of the chosen direction.

We are currently in the 0.3.x series of steemstats, and 0.4.0 is going to be one of two things:

  • A feature rich version of steemstats that integrates the steemdb api endpoints currently being created
  • A brand new, open source version of steemstats and steemdb into a single application (steemdb will become an API)

Unfortunately, 0.4.0 won't likely be ready until October at the very earliest, possibly even later in the year. I have a number of other things to do over the next 30-60 days that will shape the next 6-12 months of my life, much of it involving development on projects directly related to steem. This also means that news on the steemstats front will be going a bit quiet, except for critical fixes and maintenance.

But - if you have feature requests or bug reports, feel free to submit them. I keep track of it all. I love chatting about this stuff and it's a pleasure to work on a project that serves over a thousand steemians use each day ;)


I use steemstats every day, all day :)


Nice changes. This is my most used site for Steemit, apart from :P

Really awesome job you did on making that site. Extremely useful. Keep it up! Please, forever! It is extremely convenient. Look forward to seeing steeemstats and steemd all-in-one!

Take care. Peace.

Great work Jesta we need a working mobile version!!! :)

Steemstats is awesome, looking forward to the new changes as well as what you bring in the future. I literally promote it around steemit when I see the opportunity because of how well of a job you've done, anyways very much appreciated.

@jesta merging steemstats and db would be a overwhelming wealth of data! Truly awesome. Just a tiny bit concerned that the interface might be a challenge. But I have faith you will get it right. Keep it up.

Thank you. This is very useful tools.

Great updates jesta! ;-)

Thanks for dedication to these projects. So useful! Great work!

I always use steemstats to check out my steemit situation (the post inspector is the best of it) - the new version is awesome and helps to understand and feel the influences. Thx for your great engagement in this software!

I do not understand why did i not received much money from that post voted by berniesanders ?

Thank you for your continued contributions to improving the community using your tools:)

Made everything correctly and clearly, Steeam continues to collect turns, and it not surprisingly)))

Awesome thanks for creating this invaluable tool. #steemitrocks #vivlasteemit #JestaRocks

Thank you jesta. I use steemstat at lot especially the post inspector.

@steempowerwhale 🐳
🌞 upvoting your lifetime dreams!

It's Brilliant. Thank you. Looking forward to release.

What does sbd stand for in currency?

SBD = Steem backed dollars
(Worth approximately 1 US dollar worth of Steem, based on the one week average price of Steem.)

All works smooth now and I love it!!!

I get the following error message all day "There was an error connecting to the steem blockchain." when trying to connect to ??? Tried in different browsers, same thing.

Hrm, which region of the world are you in? It sounds like you're unable to connect to one of the nodes that powers the project, which is based on your geographical region of the world.

Thank-you @jesta !!! Projects like this really help the community and adds value to Steem.

Time is still not exactly right.

The column that displays next distribution sais "about 24 hours from now ", and when I hover over it it sais "22 hours from now".

Another wish is that the name of the voter should go to the details page on steemstats and not to steemit. Maybe you could do a link after the name to either the details or steemit depending on what you think is best.

Thanks for a GREAT page!

Someday I'll get this damn time stuff figured out. Doing time based stuff on the client side with JS is pretty frustrating lol.

As for the voter name details, the only reason it doesn't load the details page on steemstats is because you're already in a popup window, and for some reason I couldn't get another popup to appear over top of it. I'll have to look into that again and see if I can get it to work.

You're welcome ;)

There's another place where time does not display correctly. The list of incoming votes are 2 hours off as well. The time sais @ 11:30 for example when it's actually 13:30 in my time zone. It's not a big deal when you know about it :) It's just one of those to-dos for the future.

Regarding the popup, when it's open I have an issue that it reverts back to the top of it again for some reason. I think it has to do with the "Syncing..." script on the page when it runs that and updates the text.

Not to put more on you, but the Transactions page has only been showing transactions for the last week for me. It no longer shows me the creation or curation awards.

The transactions page is now working. Showing all types of transactions again.
The incoming vote page shows correct time stamp to.
Still great work @jesta! Thanks.

yes @jesta !! Essential and great work i just upvoted this at 100 percent even when i should not really as i am already at 69 percent. But what the hell you deserve all the support you get and I want to give it to you !! ; - ) thanks for your commitment to this platform !!

Thanks for all the work you guys do.. Without y'all I'd be lost in the battle :D

I really love steemstats. Thanks for making such a useful tool.

Amazing work. I wrote an article with a suggested feature that I deem important. Give it a read if you want :)

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