Mega Steemit Star , winning song 10 sbd May

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Just because we all love Karaoke-mania ALL-FUN, true mega star will shine! Be the first Super Mega Steem Star for all season.

On Saturday, best ever and first one-song-sing-all "Hallelujah" will rock your Steem world! Calling everyone! You are all welcome to join. DISCORD CHANNEL CLICK HERE

Mega Steem Star.jpg


Credit to sir @flysky for another delightful "Super Mega Steem Stars challenge in history". Thank you


  • Sing only one song for all "Hallelujah" on Saturday, March 26th at #SteemSchools #Karaoke discord channel HERE
  • Invite all your friends
  • Join discord link CLICK HERE
  • You must be my follower
  • Upvote this post
  • Resteem this post so more steemians can join
  • Be present at #SteemSchools - #SUPER MEGA STEEM STAR will start after the Business class
  • Winner should create post of the experience in the #SUPER MEGA STEEM STAR challenge

Important Notes

  • Maximum number of votes will win
  • Votes will be in discord only
  • We will use emoji as voting power
  • Participants/judges can only vote 2times
  • Watch out every day for more surprises, only for you
  • Invite all your friends to vote for you


  • 1 Winner only

What are you waiting for? Get ready and be the STAR!

Mega Steem Star.gif

Discord channel

Watch SteemSchools Logo.gif

Join voyage on steemit here

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Wowwww... Amazing
Do you have people ready to sing already, or we should also prepare to sing? #smiles

Buena iniciativa hermano

You are post and beuatiful omg

this a contest is amazing, I hope you always successful friend Yes.
I will upvote and restem

Join invite all friends

Excellent post brother, good luck to you

Invite all your friends


Please a question @flysky
Are all the contestants to sing one song? Or any Heartfelt song?

Welcome to join

Allá nos vemos @flysky


Always support you, dear my friend @flysky...

Everyone should try to join this Karaoke Class... It is very fun and wonderful...☕❤☕❤

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Join us
Invite all your friends

@flysky who is the artist that sings this song?