Steemitizens of Steem returns to the air in 3 hours after 3 weeks off. It's lucky weekly episode #13 so join us at 10AM EST/2PM UTC for over 5 hours of great conversation, followed by more terrific shows all day and night from @Beanz and @Lenadr

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Hey Again Steemitizens!

I'm back in the home office, having returned from nearly 3 weeks touring Europe, the middle East and Asia, and ready to get back on "the radio" here on!

Steemitizens of Steem returns to the air today, in just 3 hours, after 3 weeks, off. Resuming with lucky weekly episode #13, join us at 10AM EST/2PM UTC every Sunday for over 5 hours of great conversation, followed by more terrific shows all day from @Beanz on VO.TU (Voices of the Underground) and @Lenadr with her Cabinet of Curiosities. It's entertaining audio and sometimes video all day long in the company of your peers, fellow steemians, witnesses and all that jazz in our studio audience chat room!

Don't miss your chance to join in the conversation!

Info, listening links and details, and a fully capable embedded player are located here:

Everyone is welcome to come hang out and chat with the live studio audience in the SteemStar Network discord here: so don't miss out on your chance to take the mic and drop it on the SteemStar Network Steemitizens of Steem show!

See you there in three hours at 10am EST,2PM UTC, you have been warned!

Back in the saddle,
Founder @YouAreHOPE Foundation
Founder @SteemStarNetwork
Steem Witness #73

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I will definitely Check out this radio soon!

Epic, I will try and listen in if I don't have to go out battling through the snow drifts!

Man, technology works in moving vehicles now. Just saying.

It's always a riot when all of you have a show! Will tune in.

Will definitely tune in, just hoping my internet doesn’t mess up

Oh i will miss this again i will not be online...suck😭

:/ <3

  ·  last year (edited)

I will definitely tune in, now will have to be at my regular corner to get network. Home soon! 😁

have a veterans brunch to help with this morning but will try to hop in when I get back home.

  ·  last year (edited)

Veteran's need breakfast a lot worse than I need listeners. Good on ya, go do it and get back to us later. We're here all day, week after week!

We are all happy that you have returned home safe and sound. Welcome home!


Thanks Sarge. Good to be home.

Back in the saddle and let joyrneg begins . Welcome back @sircork. We all hope you had a wonderful vacation so to say. We miss you and I’m gonna be part of the show luckily, well we hope you brought some interesting things from your trip. Well I’d love to have some of the items you brought back sir...

We glad to have you back and glad you had a peaceful experience on your trip.

Thank you very much!

Highly rEsteemed!