DEAR LITTLESCRIBE: Interview with @timcliff Top 4 Witness in 25 minutes!!

in steemstar •  6 months ago

I'll be interviewing Top 4 Witness, @timcliff in 25 MINUTES!!

Get to know @timcliff. On after him is @bethalea, steemit extraordinaire! It should be a fun show.

* ANNOUNCEMENT: the debate between witnesses will be NEXT week (or the week after). Today is a get-to-know-you with only @timcliff. No debate.

Get connected to the show - easy peasy lemon squeasy

Live stream with a fully embedded player is located here:

Live chat is located here on STEEMTOPIA Discord Channel:


Every Wednesday, folks!


8 pm - 10 pm UTC
4 pm - 6 pm EST
1 pm - 3 pm PST

Place: (with chat in discord)

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