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RE: SteemSQL is moving to a monthly subscription model

in #steemsql2 years ago (edited)

My dear @arcange,

I am sorry that you didn't get a lot of support when you asked for it to the community...

Unfortunately, it wasn’t followed with the expected support from the community.

A community who is using everyday your database in all their projects. Without you it would be not so simple to collect all theses datas.... (And make money with it..... Generally a ton of money if published by Utopian!)

Steem is a real disaster for that... I see it everyday. People prefer to upvote MEME at +100$ sometimes 300$ ... than to help someone who is really working for the community.

Steem turn like Youtube/Facebook... Simple content get rewarded. I was hoping Steem turn like Medium with the rewards... It will apparently will not be the case.

I am sad that you have to do this pay mode but you also have to support all your costs... What do people think ?

Once more, you got my full support because I do believe the job you do worth much more. If Steem is not seeing how valuable you and your project are and how much we all need you...

We need people like you. It's people like you who can facilitate the Steem daily life and make it grow.