It's still cheaper than than you set up your own infrastructure.

That's true, but given the current value of SBD, it is around 50 US-$ and that is much more than most Internet-based services that I know of. The figure clearly implies professional applications by the customers. Not sure if that is the most suited target group for this kind of paid service.

Good comment. May be the man will hear you 😎 but I think it won't be easy deal with the fluctuations with different currencies and fiat currency is not a convenient option for a global platform.

For some, it might be a lot ... depending on how they use SteemSQL.
But for the vast majority of SteemSQL users, this represents a tiny fraction of what they receive back via the platform by publishing data related posts or by monitoring their activity using SteemSQL.

Any chance you can introduce a minnow plan? I just want to throw a few queries at it a month to get some analytics on how my followers/upvoters/posts are interacting.

Like, I'm talking 50 queries max. Probably closer to 5.

minnow plan

That's a good word^^

Maybe he could offer single queries for 0.5 SBD (=1 US-$; 20 queries = 10 SBD). That should be affordable for the occasional minnow query.

This post might be an answer to you ;)

Already replied to that! Thanks!

Well, let's just hope @paulag has enough change in her wallet..