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RE: SteemSQL is moving to a monthly subscription model

in #steemsql2 years ago

Well I for one will be happy to pay it and certainly receive a lot more value out of SteemSQL monthly than 10 SBD. I mean just 3 days ago I donated (2nd donation? 3rd donation?) 8.496 SBD toward SteemSQL and still won't flinch to send another 10 SBD as soon as I finish typing this comment. Sure that is expensive for many casual users. That is kind of the point I think right? - there won't be as many casual users. Honestly it is pretty remarkable to me that you didn't receive more support when you asked for it, given the use the database saw when it was public and free. I was always happy to donate and will be happy to pay.

Cheers - Carl


Thank you for your comment, @carngnash. Very supportive!
Your "1 free month subscription" has been allocated.
Thanks for using SteemSQL and for your previous donations!

Cool memo received / decrypted and the extra month on the end of the expiration date noted :)

Cheers - Carl