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Football is one of the most beloved sports in the world. Not only for men, it turns out a lot of women who also enjoy the sport played by these 22 players. Unmitigated, at least until now recorded no less than 176 countries in the world has had a national football women's team.


In terms of history, women's soccer has been around since football was first invented. Probably most people know that the sport of soccer comes from England but in fact this game has been around for thousands of years ago. The history of women's soccer has been played by women in China around the year 25 ie during the Donghan Dynasty.

This is evidenced by the many paintings of the Han Dynasty that show the women playing Tsu Chu which is the forerunner of football. After hundreds of years passed women's soccer games such as submerged sinking when the Qing Dynasty came to power, which strongly disliked women's soccer even to the prohibition of playing football for women in China at the time. Scotland is an important country for the development of women's soccer.

History records, since the 1790s has been found many women's soccer championships in Scotland. In 1852, Scotland became the first country to record and broadcast a women's soccer game. This was followed by England in 1895. But gradually began to change, soccer for women apparently allowed to be played again. As time passes, women's football becomes very popular.


Women's football in European countries also began to play a lot of women there. Around the 1920s there was a women's soccer match in England and was attended by a lot of spectators who were very enthusiastic to attend. Even the match held at Everton is able to suck the audience up to 53000 people to exceed the capacity of the existing stadium.

The success of women's soccer is not without obstacles. At that time the development of women's football is very fast and can be said that women's football matches can compete with men. Unfortunately, high enthusiasm was not welcomed positively at that time so it could not develop well.

The FA as a British soccer federation actually gave a negative response until - until making a ban on playing football for women. Many say the FA's move is both a jealous and defensive move to protect men's football.


Since the beginning of this sport began to be known, bitter scoffs have been popping up as it says women are unethical and inappropriate play football. This is indeed very closely related to gender differences which at the time was still crowded. This was apparently followed by other nations such as Holland and Germany in 1955 which stated the same thing that women's soccer was forbidden to be played on the grounds that soccer games did not fit his nature for a woman.

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