Usain Bolt - The King of Sprint

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As Usain Bolt prepares to retire from active competitions. I take a look at his key career stats

He is the fastest Human alive

Usain Bolt gained world wide recognition when he stormed to two gold medals in the 100 and 200 meters events, achieving world record times in both events. Since then he has gone on to break both his 100 meters and 200 meters world records. He is currently the world record holder in both events with a record time of 9.58 seconds for the 100 meters event and 19.19s for the 200 meters event. See regression of world record time for 100 meters event below :

Invincible Record since 2006

His winning record since the World Athletic Final in 2006 has been impeccable. He has run in a total of 27 races from 2006 till present, and he has never finished out of the top 3 in any of these races, though he was disqualified once at the world championship in 2011. Out of the 27 races, he was 1st on 20 occasions which amount to a win percentage of 74.07%

Incredible Medal Haul

Usain has an astonishing total of 34 medals across various competitions and 25 of these medals are Gold Medals. See distribution below :

Closest Competitor in International Competitions

Usain Bolt undoubtedly has dominated sprint events for the best part of 9 years but which other athlete has run him close and competed with him the most? To find this information, I took the data of all of Usain's Single races in international competitions. I extracted Gold, Silver and Bronze winners from all these races and assigned coefficients for each medal. Then, I assigned 5 for a Gold Medal, 3 for a Silver Medal and 1 for a Bronze Medal. These are the top 3 competitors I found to Usain Bolts Dominance :

As you can see from the chart above, Justin Gatlin has been the strongest competitor to Usain's throne over the duration of his dominance, this culminated in Gatlin getting the gold medal over bolt in the just concluded World Championships in London, United Kingdom


Forbes List

Usain is the only track athlete to make it to the 2017 Forbes list of highest earning Athletes. He is number 23 on the list with an estimated 34.2 million dollars in total earnings during the year in review. This is well deserved based on his achievements

usain-bolt-gold forbes.jpg Source

The King of the sprint is retiring on a high. Who do you think are the contenders to that throne? Drop a comment.

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This actually makes me wonder, will there ever be a human speed that can't be beaten? There must be, right? Regardless, Bolt has definitely redefined what human performance means.


This man has marks history with all his world record. I like this athlete, one of the best of the 21st century.


I couldn't agree with you more.

he is the greatest 100m and 200m runner so far, and he will retain that tile for long time.
Thanks for this lovely post
Appreciates you time and efforts


Glad you enjoyed reading.

Usain Bolt - The King!


Yes all hail the king! :)

He is faster than cheetah 😁😂

Cool that you added his recent loss to Gatlin. At least it shows he can be beaten at his game :)


Yeah he was beaten a couple of times but his overall record is incredible

Undoubtedtly....He's the G.O.A.T on the tracks.

Justin Gatlin - won against Bolt once.
Asafa Powell - needs to have more focus & confidence.

He has make name and everything


Am checking the car out haha!

My mentor of all time

Untouchable sprinter !

He going Fastest than any people around the world.

I would like to see, how fast The King if running beside the cheetah


I could check this out but I would think the cheetah is faster hehe


I think the Science Channel or Discovery actually did this a few years back!

They took video of him from one of his races and matched it to video of a running cheetah. Scaled the video so that their heights matched perfectly, started them on the same spot and at the same time and -- yeah, the cheetah out-sprinted him handily.

I'm sure it's on Youtube somewhere but I'm on a low-bandwidth connection right now soooo ... the link won't be coming from me.


Thanks for the info @edumurphy would check this out

steemsports - Great post as Usain is one of my favourite athletes. Even though he lost his last race before retiring he will remain one of the sport's greatest ambassadors. Enjoy your retirement Bolt. Thank you for the post. I have followed you in order to see more such posts.

@steemsports usain blot have the documentary movie

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Of a truth. Is the undisputed King of Sprint and He has done a lot to the game. All hail the king of sprint. Talking about the next person that will take over and reign for a long time like Usain Bolt. Well, i don't see Gatlin doing that. Don't get me wrong He will try to hold the recordas the fastest sprinter but he can't hold it for long. If you look at Bolt incredible medal haul , it will take a lot of effort to break that and also looking at Gatlin's age now you will agree with me that he can only try but won't be able to hold it for long.
I see a lot of fluctuation on the medal table for the next few years. Usain Bolt is a legend just Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo in football. And their records will be very hard to beat though it can be beaten.
The next King of Sprint is not around yet in my opinion. People like Usain Bolt, Serena Williams, Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, Tiger Wood, Paul Hamiliton and many other only comes once in a life time. Thank God they came during my own generation. Do you feel the same way too?
Thank you steemsport for this write up.
Kindly follow me @optimistdehinde and check out some of my interesting post. One love.

Nice! I upvoted you!

PD: join me in this world of steemit looking my posts, rare content about this world, maybe you like it, maybe not, anyways, We can grow up toghether follow me and I follow you bro! :D

looking on this post ..
i want to get thix car like MR BOLT..
well im waiting for thix i hope one day this will be mine ... ;)
upvoted u for thix post and following you now ..follow back and vpvote please..

Are you Sure This people is The king of the Sprint . i thing Some thing false ....!!!

Agreed - Usain Bolt - King of Sprint - G.O.A.T. Sprinter !
Who's next, sure, Justin Gatlin is the safe bet
... but at this time - it doesn't even matter.


Justin is 35 years old, I bet he would be retiring too as well


True, but he has lived in Bolt's shadow far too long, he needs to shine a little more before he makes the decision to retire. Will he be 'forced' to retirement by some of the other people listed here. . . maybe.

Hi, I think soon we see new athlietes with new, young energy who maybe can became better sprinters than Usain.
Do you have more athliets you admire?


Christian Coleman comes to my mind, He finished second in the last race ahead of Usain, would keep an eye on him. I could also check out data from recent youth events and see If I could find some potential superstars

He Sais That His Legs Hurt And He Has To Stop Soon :(, I'll Definetly Miss Him ;-;

great post:) thanks for sharing..........!!

I really wish he had not dropped that race to Justin G. I wanted him to bow out with a bang, still at the very top of his game. But, well he's still a legend no doubt and would like to see who can top his records.

Usain is an athlete of a kind. Such gallant strides are unprecedented in the world of athletics. This is the man who aroused my love for the tracks. It pains me he is retiring