UFC 213 - Robert "The Reaper" Whittaker vs Yoel "Soldier of God" Romero

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Saturday, July 8th
7:00 PM PST
10:00 PM EST
Las Vegas, Nevada

The Most Feared Men at Middleweight Collide in this 5 Round Co-Main Event!

Robert 'The Reaper' Whittaker:

...also known as Bobby Knuckles is the New Zealand-born Australian Karate black belt. He will be fighting for his first title come UFC 213, and he has earned his shot with the second-best win streak in his division. After a rough start at welterweight, Robert moved up a weight class and dominated the ranks with 7 straight wins, 4 coming by way of finish. The striking prowess of this karateka has been proven time and time again with his unorthodox footwork and devastating left hand. The ability to switch stances and land high kicks off the back foot is a technique 'The Reaper' has perfected; Jacare Souza and Derek Bruson found out first hand the crafty and explosive delivery of this kick as both were fell with the same blow.

After the loss to 'Wonderboy' Thompson at 170 pounds, there were questions and uncertainty about this man's future, but at 185 he is revitalized and is looking more evolved with every bout. He destroyed the long-time number one contender in his last fight, and has only dominated the top 15 of this division. We can expect to see Robert looking sharp and ready for victory: he has made it clear that the belt is his only goal.

Yoel 'Soldier of God' Romero:

A savage Cuban Olympian bred from the old school; Yoel has changed the landscape of mixed martial arts for good since his arrival. Yoel possesses an Olympic Silver Medal as well as multiple wins over arguably the greatest wrestler of all time in Cael Sanderson. The trips and takedowns of this fighter come at will, and no man at middleweight can stop the transgressions of his grappling. The 'Soldier of God' is a flashy fighter who embraces the chaos of a brawl, and waits for his exact moment to strike in extravagant fashion. Flying knees, spinning back fists and leaping elbows are what makes Romero dangerous, he has an unorthodox and fearless nature in the cage that can't be copied.

It is a marvel seeing a man of near 40 years old accomplish victories in the Octagon the way he does; finishing top contender Chris Weidman with the flying knee he delivered was a shocking yet marvelous feat. This is hands down the most lethal fighter at middleweight, Yoel is not to be questioned in terms of power or ability to finish. Precaution is an understatement when dealing with his his volatility and explosiveness, be ready for action come fight time!

Breakdown and Prediction:

This interim bout is considered to true fans as the real middleweight title fight; these are the two most dangerous men at middleweight with the most clashing of styles. 'The Reaper' will engage from distance and try to pick apart the Cuban Missile in front of him. This is a five round fight in which both men will be highly conditioned, I wouldn't expect to see a finish until the much later rounds...if there is a finish at all.

Whittaker has a style the judges appreciate, and he will most likely steal rounds if he is able to avoid the heavy damage coming from his opponent. Romero is a 'one and done type' of striker, he will deliver creative and power blows, but they will not come as swiftly nor as often as they may need to. The elaborate and labored delivery of Romero's trips and take downs may sap his conditioning at a rapid pace. If Whittaker is able to withstand the take downs and ground and pound early, he can start to break the older and slower man down.

This fight will deliver fireworks as both men know they need to make a statement here. This is a young and agile striker facing an older yet methodical grappler; speed vs. power, youth vs. experience. It is a true pick em' as both men have shown fight ending capabilities in most all of their fights; I expect both men to come in the best shape of their lives, and for the victor to have outlasted as opposed to outclassed. This will be a close fight until a breakaway moment in which one man becomes tired, and hurt...

Prediction: Robert 'The Reaper' Whittaker by TKO Round 4

Presenter: @brandonk

Editor & GFX: @cryptoiskey


Always great posts mate! I'm think Yoel 'Soldier of God' Romero might take this one.

Yoel is one tough, scary looking mother fucker! As an Aussie I really would love to see Whittaker win, this would be a huge notch on the belt. How it pans out I don't know - don't really want to be on the bottom of Romero.

Whittaker needs to stay on feet and bang, but watch out for the flying knees!

The preview of this fight gives me goosebumps!

It is a huge task for Rob to get past this freak of nature. Romero is great and conserving energy and then exploding when he needs to, but that has been when he has controlled the fights at his pace. Rob has a very aggressive and high pace style that always causes his opponents to engage early. Romero seems to stalk and sync his rhythm until he knows he can exploit his target. This always happens in the later rounds, but i really don't think he will get the time to do this and i am hoping Rob can get the better of him early before he has dialed in his rhythm. I have to admit though Romero is looking very prepared and dangerous as hell for this fight. ......Will be standing up pacing like a lion and nervous as hell watching this one.

Very excited for this fight. Could have been the main event

I agree. On this card I would say "should" of been the main event. I enjoy every fight though but will admit it took me a while to take the woman fights seriously. But they can fight! I'm taking Whitaker and Nunes. But these fights could go either way so not risking too much btc :)

Yes but since Rousey lost there are stronger women in the UFC. I put my bet early last week on Whitaker and Schevchenko, They were underdogs, but now Whitaker is the favorite, and even for the women fight. Quite hard to pick the winner , Nunes is better in the early rounds, schevchenko in the later rounds as better conditioning training in high altitude. Might see a 5th round

Romero is so fucking jacked it's not funny..

I'm very excited now
All set to watch this one @steemsports
Thank you for sharing

Wow, your article is beautiful and well worked, that's a good job.

SB a good one.

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This is what i listen to while boxing Workout mix

Interesting game
i love UFC 🙊🙈

watch it here the funny Dizzy penalty of mine, upvote it if you liked it and also follow me for more and do share with your friends.

Great post
Resteemed this is pure gold, thanks for sharing!
Im following you !

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