The New York Giants Are Going After Nick Saban

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Nick Saban just won his 6th National Championship with the Alabama Crimson Tide. He has tied Bama legend, Bear Bryant. Saban has a phenomenal recruiting class coming in and possibly the best quarterback in the nation after what we saw out of the young freshman on Monday night. But rumors are swirling today that Saban has coached his last game for the Crimson Tide.

The New York Giants of the National Football League are reportedly hot after Saban. This could be the perfect storm to get him out of college football. Saban has said publicly in the past that the New York Giants head coaching job has always been one of his goals in life.


But why would Saban want to leave the dynasty that he has built? He is a HERO in the state of Alabama. He controls the media. He makes $11 Million a year. He lives in a quiet town and away from the insanity of a major metropolis.

The New York Giants have a terrible roster. Eli Manning doesn’t have much left in that right arm of his. Their defense is awful. They don’t have a real running back. And New York has the harshest media critics in the country. The Giants aren’t a ready made team like the Oakland Raiders are for Jon Gruden. Saban would be starting from scratch in a full rebuild.


So what will happen? Nick Saban is 66 years old. It is now or never if he is going to make the jump. His dream job is open and he is coming off a National Championship. I think there is a good chance that the New York Giants front office and ownership will throw $15 Million per year at him. I think they will offer him partial ownership. I think they will give him full control. And I think this will get the job done.

Do you think Saban will make the leap? Thank you for following @steemsports and you can find me @scottybuckets

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He should go please
We need him


Giants fan?


Serious Giants Fan
Although never had the opportunity to watch them them live as I have never left my country Nigeria


Sorry I forgot to add that you are doing a really fine job here


How did you become a Giants fan in Nigeria?

I don't see Saban leaving Alabama. I think he really wants sole position atop the leaderboard of most national championships.


I fully agree. At some point it stops being about the money and starts being about the legacy.

thanks......good post as IO'm huge giants fan!! I'll take Saban..funny some of the top collegiate guys don't fare well in the NFL..Saban included...and YOUR support appreciated! thanks