SteemSports 2000+ Followers Giveaway!

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Sports are a beautiful thing. They bring people together, they teach us the value of discipline and hard work, they create a drive within a person; an unwavering commitment to their craft. Perhaps most importantly, they give people an escape. An escape from reality, an escape from their hardships and sorrows. It really is incredible how something as simple as a soccer ball may change a person’s outlook on life.
At SteemSports, we’re all sports fans. We’re a diverse group of writers, each with their own passions and goals. We live across the globe, many of us have never met in person, and yet we’re a family; a team. Our goal is to provide you with the best sports content on the blockchain, and the power of the internet has allowed us to work together from thousands of miles apart. Whether it’s a love of soccer, a need for baseball, or a desire for everything hockey, we all share one common interests: sports.
SteemSports just recently hit a huge milestone: 2,000 followers! We’re all very excited, and can’t thank this community enough for the support you’ve shown us. So, we’ve decided that it’s time for us to show you a little support as well.
We’re running a contest to say thank you for your support. We want to know a little about you, and why you love sports. They say that soccer (I know, Canadian name) is an international language, I’d like to take that a step further: Sports are a group of international languages. You may not know the game, or understand the rules, but what you do know is what drives someone to play the game, or follow their favorite sports teams. You have the opportunity to tell us about your story, here’s how

Create a Post:

Title It “SteemSports 2k Giveaway Submission”. Write 2-3 paragraphs about why you like sports, what they mean to you, or why you support the teams you do. This could be family based, personal, or community influenced, just tell us why you love sports as much as you do. Include a picture + a story of your favorite sports memory. If you can't include a picture, just tell us about your experience. This could be a game you went to, a tournament you played in or a special moment you shared with a teammate/your team. 3 paragraphs max.
Give us some feedback on how you think SteemSports is doing. Is there something you want to see more of? Something you don't like? Something that you do like? Let us know! We want to provide you with quality content and would love to hear feedback from our dedicated followers. Try to limit this to 1 or 2 paragraphs. Use the tag “ss2kgiveaway”. This is VERY important, it’ll help us to find your submission.


First Place: 75 STEEM, 125 WhaleShares, Choice of SteemSports T-Shirt or Hat
Second Place: 50 STEEM, 75 WhaleShares, Choice of SteemSports T-Shirt or Hat
Third Place: 25 STEEM, 50 WhaleShares, Choice of SteemSports T-Shirt or Hat
The top 20 entries that do not make it in the top three will still receive a SteemSports T-Shirt or Hat and a distributed amount of WhaleShares depending on how many people enter!

How Do I Win?

You have 5 days from the moment this post goes live to create your submission. @gnocdepatat and @theprophet0 will then select up to 20 finalists who will be featured in a second post. We will link to every submission and the fans will vote to determine the top 3 winners. We want this to be an event about our community, and as such they will have a voice in who wins!

Final Thoughts

Be yourself in this submission. Remember, this is what sports mean to YOU. No one wants to read something that’s fabricated or carefully crafted here. We love the genuine passion that people display when they’re watching their favorite team and we want to emulate that here. You’re a valuable part of the SteemSports family and we want to know more about you! Good luck to all, we’ll be seeing you in 5 days’ time!


@steemsports congrats on hitting the 2000 follower number...This idea of a contest sounds great:) I am already working on it and hopefully make it to the second round.

FYI @steemsports you are doing a great job mate!

I have love for many different sports, but if it must be one, Golf takes the #1 spot. Golf is is difficult as it is to keep it straight, but after a ''well'' played round, Golf will leave you mentally exhausted.

I am in but since i am disable and i cannot play any sports, so can i write something about my favorite sports team and why i love that game @steemsports

I am sorry about your situation!

I love sports, as a female i love martial arts because it's the best way to learn discipline :), thank you

Very good contest i will appreciated y self to follow this contest.

Thanks for this great possibility! I have submitted my post already! :)

I have posted my submission, hope it will pass. Btw you Are great

I'm in !!
Thank You for this contest @steemsports

I posted mine and upvoted, and resteemed this post!

First off great work so far. If I had anything to ask more of would be MMA? hahaha That billion dollar fight is coming up. Let's see some statistics and puns! But overall, job well done. Following religiously and always will be. CONGRATS and keep steeming ahead! Cheers!


Very good :))

lol, I hate essays.

Haha! Send in a video?

Congrats on 2k!

Great , I'm gonna submit my submission in these few days .
Thanks for many great giveaways !

i like it...good luck

up vote me

it's so good men :D

Like that 👍

I like many sport special psychical like basketball. Thanks @steemsports fot the post. Great idea how steemit can communicate the people

ss2kgiveaway.. Grats on the 2k followers! Your guys are amazing at doing blogs. I like how you go into detail about topics. To me thats the only thing i need to see and read. You guys are doing everything correct and there is not i see you guys doing wrong. Keep up all the hard work!

I try to write some funny sports related stuff. I will definitely enter this contest.

I posted my submission.

Happy weekend and best wishes to all participants

Love a good contest. Great Initiative @steemsports.

Thanks for the contest - I have a little article with humor

This post is great kudos

I was glad this post is so young cause my writing is slow.

I agree with your opinion, it's like a game of sports. The harder we write, the greater our inspiration, the more our knowledge, the more our friends, and the more financially we will become.

good, i have it,, follow back, i follow you @mustarzil

great opportunity, thanks for that

i love sport and i want to be steemsports writer

I love many sports! I think they are all special, there is not one better than another, just admire and practice them!

Congratulations on 2,000 followers! Well deserved. This is just the beginning.

I just did see this post now..
I'm in , hope it's not late !!!!!
Thank You for this contest @steemsports

If you Want to Be a good Trader. First you should have Peticene Then You have to Analysis Coin Graph. Without First…

Mind blowing idea! Great Initiation !!

Upvoted !

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