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NFL Fantasy 8/9
Finally I can say these glorious words, we are back with another edition of NFL Fantasy Tonight! Football is back baby! Well, kind of. It is Pre-season NFL but none the less it is still football. There are a ton of games tonight so it is crucial to find out who will actually get some snaps and who won't. We know that there is a quarterback battle going on in Cleveland so lets get starting with that position.
B Mayfield QB 6000. The top draft choice out of the University of Oklahoma is ready to roll. Mayfield and Tyrod Taylor are fighting for the week 1 start for the Browns. I expect Mayfield to get some good playing time tonight and for him to be ready to step up his game. Out of all of the talented rookie QBs, Mayfield is by far the most polished.
S Ridley RB 6000. Ridley is back in Pittsburgh to carry the load for the Steelers. Bell is sitting out and that means they need to fill up those carries with someone and that will be Ridley tonight. I don't think he will get into the second quarter so I am hoping for a good couple drives in the 1st tonight.

E Decker WR 6000. Eric Decker is now a New England Patriot. He had to "do time" last year in a Jets jersey and play through a miserable season. Now he gets to catch passes from the GOAT, Tom Brady. Decker should see some good action tonight for his first time in a Patriots jersey.

Enjoy all of the action tonight. In just a few weeks we will be able to watch the regular season. Thank you for following @steemsports and you can find me @npl77

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