Naoya Inoue vs. Nonito Donaire: Expect the KO!

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This fiery matchup between the Japanese phenom Inoue and crafty power hitter and veteran Pinoy stylist Donaire will be happening at around 2am Pacific Time tomorrow (morning). It is a can't miss matchup between two knockout punchers who have the technique to back it up.
I admire the work of both men, but Nonito is the far more experienced fighter at the pro leagues. Naoya Inoue is an incredible talent and may be a once in a lifetime fighter depending on how he handles the veteranship of the legend in Nonito. It is 'The Flash' vs. 'The Monster'...
...and it's going to be controlled chaos from the first bell. Both men have immense power and at this point in their careers, I'd say that Inoue is the more durable and quick of the two. Power is the last thing to leave the hands of a veteran fighter, but Nonito does still have an elite skill set.

The matchup pits 40-5 vs. 18-0, the veteran in Donaire possessing the immense amount of wins at 118 and this weight will actually help in greatly in the fight. The styles posed will definitely cause one or both men to touch the canvas. I personally think Inoue edges it...
...but the matchup is enticing to say the least. A determination of a new pound for pound fighter in Inoue may be brought about post victory.. and that is only if he can secure the victory. A knockout would be the most probably cause of a launch in the pound for pound ratings.
It won't be easy to conquer pound for pound lists with the likes of Canelo taking over division after division, and men like Usyk doing the same thing with the same caliber of quality pugilism. Inoue is still one of the most unsung heroes of boxing, and he has proven himself to be truly elite time and time again.

Japan has not had a huge impact in boxing in the latter 2000s. It seems that the originators of distinctive martial arts (including boxing styles) have not been able to adapt as quickly as other locales (in terms of combat skill and adaptability). It seems that North America and Europe are having high success in terms of pro boxing athletes.
Mexicans, Americans, Ukrainians.. it seems to be a running theme of current champions and world class fighters. The likes of Spence, Alvarez, Usyk and Lomachenko reign supreme as this era's pound for pound greats. A solid win from Inoue could complete change this dynamic though.
We should look forward to the dynamic power punching of tomorrow morning's event, and if I am correct (along with most of the rest of the boxing world), Inoue should take this one by a dominant victory. I will say the job is done within 5 rounds, a KO for the Monster Naoya Inoue!

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What weight class is that?

Thank you! How do you call that weight class...flyweights?

Philippines is still looking for the next “money-maker boxer” like Manny Pacquio.
Donito Donaire is a very good boxer, but I doubt if he is a moneymaker.

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Donaire is a great fighter just past his prime.

I agree.

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