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This may come as surprise to some, but people behind @steemsports are humans too. To prove it, we've recorded our secret meeting, which amongst other things, includes a detailed plan for total world domination. Jokes aside...

In this hangout we have:

  • introduced ourselves and talked about our vision for SteemSports
  • outlined some of our short term goals and plans
  • discussed hot topics such as discontinuation of vote based free plays, and alternative ways of rewards redistribution
  • brought up various issues and ideas

I apologize for some technical glitches and audio quality issues. We will do a better job with the next one.

To those of you whom really care about these topics, we welcome your opinions and feedback.

@steemsports team

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Lets bring back the games boys


A few redistribution games here on Steemit will keep up the interest for the dotcom site


Well the voting based distribution games are not coming back. (games that require players to upvote). We had no choice but to stop them, due to the attack and accusations of vote buying. We are however working on a few ideas for alternative rewards distribution games.


thanks for the answer, I guess with the lack of value for most minnow upvotes it stopped being worth it.

looking forward to you upcoming ideas


Well I thought those games were great, I dont have a large stake but it definately helped me power up

I watched the entire thing, very interesting! I wish you guys all the best in all you do!

Yes you are so right to say sports have the ability to unite! Sports can bring together a nation, as well as a community! A Community like Steemit!

I Love what you guys are doing here and so glad to have found you this early on in my Steemit adventures!

Thank you @steemsports!

Thanks for doing these videos! I love them.

You're humans? Stop the madness!


Wish I could call all users that. :)

It's time to introduce over/under and other betting stuff. When I bet, that is my favorite thing. Also, I know that most of the betters use over/under. It might more popular than betting on winners in betting world.

I wish you guys all the luck with whatever you do and I am sad to see the games leave steemit.

I have wondered how you are getting away with using Team Logos though, in the US the sports teams are plum crazy about that stuff.

Good luck guys!


Fair Use
The fair use or nominative use of a logo is recognized for purposes of description and identification. A newspaper, for instance, can incorporate a corporate logo in an article about a company’s annual report. Trademark allows an author of a nonfiction work to use a trademarked logo only to describe or identify the product or service of the company it represents. It might not be considered fair use, for instance, for a book on the general condition of the auto industry to incorporate only the logo of Ford Motor Co., on its cover. An article on the release of a new product using the logo of a competitor is even more likely to be found an infringement of trademark. Actual findings of infringement are left to the courts.


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Great to see you guys hangout! 😉


Thank you :)

We are still waiting on manual payout of Thunder vs Rockets Game😔