LeBron James... Philanthropist or Fraud?

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LeBron James is the perennial athlete of our generation. His play making abilities on the court have made NBA aficionados crown him the greatest player alive for a near decade practically. James has been an all star all over the nation in numerous metropolis states...
...and his legacy as a basketball player will never be questioned nor should it be. As an athlete and all around celebrity, LeBron was bound to have his personal life and interests exposed to the general public. In these glimpses of LeBron's opinion and overall take on politics...
...we have seen the sheer absurdity of his subjectivity and at times baseless opinions. Shannon Sharpe is a realist, and on his show Undisputed (with Skip Bayless) he poignantly exclaimed that LeBron really has no place to speak on issues he has no grounds to speak on.

LeBron's whole take on the Houston Rockets manger's tweet (in regards to supporting the freedom of Hong Kong protesters and Chinese citizens) was ill advised since he creating an argument for not tweeting about things when uninformed.. yet he did the exact same thing in his speaking out.
LeBron has always taken me as a somewhat 2 dimensional character who's prowess on the court blocked out the somewhat fake persona created by the PR machine. LeBron being an actor, philanthropist, the arguable greatest basketball player on Earth and a spokesman for the Democratic party will all go down in history as an allusion to the life led.
The unfortunate truth is that LeBron is more facade than substance; he protects his pockets while people in China fight for their freedom and the welfare of their families. LeBron is more a spokesman for a human rights than anything else via statements he has made in the past about the welfare of all races..

...but he is unfortunately so misinformed when it comes to true humanity, and what it means to be a scrupulous person when people aren't watching.. and Nike isn't filling his wallet to be a 'philanthropist'. Opening schools, donating millions a year to charity... these are beautiful things nobody can take from LeBron.
The good comes with the bad in everyone, and when you are in the spotlight it can only enhance either of these qualities. The misfortune of the wealthy and powerful is that their main focus is on becoming more wealthy and powerful.. and not truly helping those in need when they need it.
LeBron is already facing massive backlash (as he should). He was completely objective in his opinion on not speaking out, and so I will be objective in saying that LeBron has shown to not care about humanity... Money talks in this world, and Mr. James is sadly talking a lot these days.

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“Shut up and dribble” is essentially what Nike and the NBA told all of these players to do over the last week. Lebron James is one of the best players of all time, no doubt, but his unwillingness to stand up for DEMOCRACY on this world stage makes him a fraud. His lack of a backbone on this topic is sickening. I stand with the people in China that are fighting for freedom. It’s a shame that Lebron James and the NBA choose to stand with a terrible dictatorship that has oppressed millions of people. Money is more important than ethics unfortunately.