Manny Pacquiao vs. Jeff Horn fight. 10 rows back!


A great day at the boxing yesterday, 10 rows back! Reflecting on it now, the atmosphere was incredible and every person in the stadium watched a magnificent fight which exceeded expectations.

Tickets were $1250 each but included a hospitality package with all the food and beverage one could possibly consume.

jeff horn.jpg

The weather was fantastic also, about 20c and not a cloud in the sky!

Regardless of what people thought of the result, it was great to see two great boxers battle it out. The fitness of these guys is amazing. Boxing is great and to be great, you need a lot of mental toughness.

Also had the opportunity go touch the belt in the lead up. $20,000 worth of gold and very heavy. Kind of contradicts the belt label... belt.jpg

I cannot wait for the next opportunity to go along. Hopefully there is a rematch.

If you ever get the opportunity to get to Suncorp Stadium in Brisbane! Go, its a great stadium.

Here are some of the fight highlights



What were your thoughts about who won? Did fans in attendance think Pacquiao was robbed like the media thought?

Nope, we had Horn ahead but it was close. 117-115 probably could have gone either way. Numerous boxing people ringside had different opinion to the so called experts expressing their opinion via the media.

Most people had Horn way ahead after 6 - manny the next 4 and close last two rounds.

I agree. I had it close to that. Teddy Atlas was clearly on Pacquiao side throughout the fight.

I had to work, but if there's a rematch, I think I'll take it off.

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