Feature a Basketball Steemian : @aj13ong | Hawk Eye Court General

This series of Feature a Basketball Steemian is an initiative to feature each basketball Steemian in Cebu City by interviewing them questions. Part of the earnings of this post will be used to fund basketball activities and programs.

Player Featured : @aj13ong


Preferred position : Point Guard

A brief description of who @aj13ong is :


I am Adrian James Q. Ong a 4th year mechanical engineering student studying at University of Cebu Lapu-Lapu and Mandaue. I live in Br. 133 Purple Duke St. Briza Subd. Nangka Consolacion, Cebu. I am a basketball fanatic I usually play all the time no matter what the court or the rim looks like as long as I can play and have fun with my friends. I am the youngest and the only boy in our family. I also love to play computer games like dota, RF, NBA 2k, PUBG, ROS, Flyff, Ran, etc. I also like to travel but for now the only places I have been are only here in Cebu. I'm also a food lover I like to eat that's why I'm getting fat but right now I'm doing my best to trim my weight down. :D

Tell us your history about basketball

Once I was a kid I knew that my heart belongs to this sport already. At an early age I kept on dribbling, shooting from that day I said to my self that one day I will be a great basketball player. I have remembered that my sister bought me 10 pcs of basketball and my father made a ring for me. During my elementary days I became a varsity player when I was at grade 3. I was the youngest varsity player in CIC-Cebu I always play as the starting five at every game.

When I reached grade 6 I became the captain ball. High school days were so hard but I managed to be a constant player during intramurals and I've been given the award of "Best Player of the conference though we did not win the championship. Here in our Barangay we always join the summer league and we won 1 championship already and 2 1st place awards. By the way I can be a point guard or a shooting guard. But for now I'm resting because I suffered from an ACL injury. God bless to me and for my fast recovery so I can play with you guys.Thanks all and thank you!

Favorite NBA Team : Cleveland Cavaliers

Who is your "Most" Favorite Player?

"LeBron James"

Thank you @everyone for Participating

Your support is extremely appreciated as we aim to fund raise to support our basketball activities and programs to be implemented. Thank you so much Steemit! More players will be featured soon.


Thank you for sharing your story, I found it an interesting read. Best of luck to you, hope your ACL recovery is quick and smooth and you are back out there in no time!

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