Ok, contest number 2, better late than never.

in steemspirit •  11 months ago

Well hello all!

I know I promised another contest for back in February, and I am months late on posting one. I am sorry for that. I have had a lot going on and I am a bit of a procrastinator, and that makes for a very unreliable content creator!

My last contest went well but there was a few things that did not go exactly as I had planned, so I am going to make the rules a little clearer and open the contest up a bit more.

So, the new contest! With summer coming and Steem starting to inch its way back up, it is starting to look like good things are coming our way. Because of that, I am thinking we need to share our enthusiasm and passion for Steem with the world! With that in mind I am calling this new contest...

"Smells like Steem Spirit!"!!

The goal of this contest is for you to show your Steem spirit! I would like users to share how they have helped share Steem with friends, their community, or even how they have just represented Steem by wearing Steem swag and gear!

Now I understand there are Steemians that are already very active in the community by holding Steemit meetups and gatherings. So I am trying to find a nice balance between supporting the people who are trying super hard to get Steem noticed, and those who may not have all the contacts or ability to organize a big Steemit gathering. With that in mind, the contest is once again going to have a limit on your reputation.

The contest is pretty simple. Create a post showing your Steem Spirit!! I will give the top 3 entries a follow for a week to help them get their content seen and get their names noticed! The contest will run from today April 18th to April 22nd. I will then spend the next few days reviewing the entries and select the winners, and post them by the weekend of April 28th.


  1. Your entry must be a new post on your blog.
  2. To submit an article for submission, please use the tag #steemspirit
  3. Do not post your entry in the comments section of this post.
  4. Do not message me your contest entry on another service.
  5. All text must be your own. If you choose to source an image you must credit it with the source, but preference will be given to 100% original text and photos.
  6. One entry per person.
  7. Your reputation must be between 25-65

Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
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I am a graphic designer and 3D artist, I have made some great art for various steemians here like @surfyogi @soundlegion @lordoftruth and many more. Is this also an eligible entry for this concept?

I am over the rep limit, but I have been on Steemit since the first week it launched, and I have brought a lot of people to Steemit including @winstonwolfe, @bladefighter324 and a handful of others..

I have done nothing but talk about Steemit since the day I joined.. From everyone from the grocery store to the doctor's office!

If you go through my comment history on Youtube you will see I have told so many big influences including @dollarvigilante before he joined (you can see this on his first post).

So I am happy with what I've got now, and like @lukestokes talks about how Steemit is not about the upvotes.. It's about the connections and relationships!


I have brought a lot of people to Steemit including @winstonwolfe...

Not a lie.


What am I missing? Is the prize for this that this guy will follow you for a week???? This contest brings out the lol's for me.


ah HA! So it's YOUR fault @winstonwolfe is here. hmph.


My dear @kpine ,

You just made my day with this second contest. I am so glad that you came back with such a great idea. As my reputation is 63 for your contest and I am so happy about that because lately I have tried so hard to promote my steemit spirit all over the world through my sport. I think all our friends of steemit we'll do our best on this contest once again. Thank you very much for your support and God bless you. Much love from @annadeda.

Thanks so much for giving this great opportunity and care for the minnows. Not everyone do. I believe it will really go in a long way in helping people promoting the platform and those that has take there time In creating quality content.

I work as a promoter here on Steemit but people don't really care in effort being put in promoting the platform. All they do is (whale go for whale) and many minnows has being discourage which has lead to many inactive account.

I spent 4 hours everyday to guide the minnows over 1k in a group chat I created for newbies.
I introduce them to the platform and encouraging them mostly when they quit blogging because of low reward payout ($0.00)so I have to bid in minnowbooster to support some there post, it's just to show appreciation that we love what they are doing, because they have spent quality time In creating those contents.

Why I bid for minnows

Steemit is a social media that pays users for creating quality content, as we all know, and this is what we promoters have been using to bring them in, to me it's a shame when a friend of my called me and tell me he spent 7 hours creating contents everyday but It end up in $0.00 pay out.
To me I can't close my eyes and ears to that, because this is quality time that has been spent, and can be use for something else, so I have to support by bidding for them.

I love Steemit, I believe on the minnows because to me, they are the future of the Steem blockchain tomorrow.
Thanks so much @kpine, for give giving this great opportunity for the minnow, I'll make my entry soon

I'd definitely enter this, but everyone I've tried talking into joining Steemit has acted like I was insane, lol. Anytime I bring up crypto in general to people they either think I'm talking about some kind of scam or just don't wanna hear about it. Ohhh, well. Sucks for them I guess :) Good luck to everyone who enters!

Great to see ya again! Great contest for the peeps on STEEMIT!

Guys, let’s all get involved! Resteemed to my 10k followers! 💪🏼🙌🏼💯

This is awesome! I am personally looking forward to seeing the creativity that comes out with this contest. I have a feeling people are gonna bring the best! Great stuff Sensei Master Jedi @kpine

Best contest name ever.


I loved it too, lol. I've always liked the variations of Nirvana's title song.

Well hello there @kpine

Aaaaah! This is a noice contest. At least everyone can participate, as long as they aren't hermits who don't talk to anybody. I think you're going to get many more entries on this one than on the last one.


You going in?


Lol, thanks for the vote ❤️ And maybe, I'm also a procrastinator, so I might not get the chance to finish writing a nice entry for the 22nd. I'd love to, though.


Haha same here

Best contest ever. Great it is back again

This is great !!! Best of luck to everyone <3

The contest is amazing @kpine
steem spirit ,,?that is me, hehehe.


It is an interesting idea for contest, I found about it thanks to @stackin's resteem :). I think I will join too. Cheers.

Really a very wonderful contest I have to share
Thank you You are a very wonderful person and very successful I was waiting for you
I hope to be a real winner

Looking great!!! this should be fun, Got my upvote...

Good contest although I don’t need the rule but support! Great initiative, like to see whales like you supporting newer Steemians.

Yes! Another @kpine contest ... finally! I have missed all previous ones and this is a great time to get some folks together. Thank you! :)

This is even more creative than the last contest! I'll be sure to promote this to all my followers by re-steeming it and promoting it on my DTube channel as well!

Interesting proposition! I will make sure to write an entry to show my steem spirit! I already have something in mind!

this is a great contract, keep people happy for you with you hold a contest, hopefully this time you hope this can be terwujut, may you succeed continue ya


Hmmm, I think you meant terwujud (materialized)


best regards from @fikar22, if any time please help me, because i need help from you for give me suggestion.


What do you need help with?


I just need help, give advice to my post, and upvote if you like


Alright, so here is my review of your blog: Your posts are too short and you don't say much in them. You should try to work on your aesthetics (better pictures, prettier posts, better-written descriptions).

Once you work on these, work on the length of your posts. They can't be just one or two pictures and 50 words of text. Try to have at least 250 words, and if it's a picture post, try putting 3 pictures or more. Check out this post for reference. Many pretty pictures and highly descriptive text.

The idea is to make an effort on your posts (or at least to make it seem as if you had made an effort).


thanks for the advice, I will do what you say

Waw amazing contest. Its very good contest to look how they have helped share Steem with friends, their community, or even how they have just represented Steem by wearing Steem swag and gear!

This is a great idea! I can’t wait to see what kind of creative #steemspirit comes out. I’m always surprised how engaged Steemians are with these contests. You will guarenteed get a ton of entries!


I'm not surprised, he has $83 vote, who doesn't want a little piece of that big juicy cake?

Kpine back at it again! Thanks a lot for supporting this community so much! Hope all is well with you! Can't wait to see the entries and the winner!

Okay, now here comes another contest, can't wait to participate.
It has been a while since i wrote some personal things,here we go.
#steemspirit am in.

What a GREAT contest idea!! I can’t wait to follow along with all the entries and see what people are doing. Maybe it will give me some ideas of ways to spread more Steem spirit in my own life! 😉

"Smells like Steem Spirit" is my favorite song! Thanks for another great contest, looking forward to seeing the winners!

Oh yeah!! Steemit spirit contest!!


Awwww...why? I finally get to use my facepalm and you change your comment.

The best contest of steem

Best friends

x-Redenz-x @redenz #steemspirit

Thanks man for the great priviledge.

Resteemed!!! Lots of deserving people for this one! I can think of a lot of people who show steem spirit! That's why I love this community- so many people care about it so much!!

Team Malaysia is killing it too with doctors and even lawyers accepting Steem!

So great

Will do! ❤ ❤

Ayy let's get it :D Awesome contest, gotta work a bit on the entry though :D

Oh yessss!. I am ready for this. Thank you for this awesome opportunity. Raring to go.

Hello dear @kpine,
cool post, informative, good content. your writing pattern is very good which mention that you are a very skilled person. Thanks

heck yeah #steemspirit
Thank you for the opportunity!

Sweet!!! This sounds like a fun!! Looking forward to seeing the entries!
Cool to see ya posting and coming up with awesome contests @kpine! 😉👍

Guys, let’s all get involved! Resteemed to my something followers

I <3 Steem and I <3 Steemit


Everyone seem had it all ... while I'm a sluggish of myself to have a good contribution. Unable to have ideas can't find right the tunne and playing that 'Rape Me' song by Nirvana... man this bring back that old memory and the offspring

Do not apply how to talk like a slow loop talk. It's connected!
Bitcoin competition for Steve's choice.
Vote for free donation I will bring here a feeling of good people!

Hmm ..., a very interesting contest ...

Wow "steemspirit"nice information you shared thnkyou

I have recorded a VLOG about contest today to spread a message - https://steemit.com/contest/@neopch/h37fl7ly

a great contest

Thanks for this opportunity, let me sharpen my writing skills once more... Smile

I hope I come up with something nice.

Dear @kpine
Nice to see you back, this is great. You have been here with your contest to help us, it is our honor. Thank you

Thanks so much ^^

i would love your idea. it will be nice. i support you

awww this is awesome! Always thinking of cool ways to help others! You rock @kpine. :)

West Brom vs Liverpool-2
Watford vs Crystal Palace-2
Arsenal vs West Ham United-1
Stoke City vs Burnley-2
Manchester City vs Swansea City-1
Everton vs Newcastle United-2



This is @kpine not @acidyo !

thanks you I really want to participate in this contest

Well, I think this is a very good contest for beginners like me or their whales.
Because, with this contest we can all learn a lot about how to promote the steem/it platform in everyday life.
I really support you @ kpine keep on making this kind of event so that the beginners can understand more about this platform.

Holy Steem! I’m so excited lol. I’m a baby to this platform but I was so blessed to be able to attend the @steamcreators conference in Vegas this last weekend and it gave me a whole new perspective on how much this platform has to offer people and I’ve been singing it’s praises to anyone who will listen to me haha! I’m on a 17 hour drive home so I’m hoping to be able to participate in time!

excelente concurso

@kpine it is a great idea! Not sure if I will make it to participate BUT I am resteeming with my heart to spread the word!

p.s. I saw this contest from the post by my dear @annadeda

Liverpol win, Muhammad salah is the best!

I'm the 100th person who voted this post and I'm definitely joining :) Thanks for bringing this contest up @kpine. You're the man!

Wow! This is a cool contest. I might just go and make a blog myself. :D When is the deadline for this? :)

Hi @kpine, you are doing such an great job. This can help newbies to create some position on steemit, from your challenge

I completely missed this the first time around! I’m not missing it this time! This is a great idea! Thanks for running this contest!

Great, now I can't get that Nirvana riff out of my head!! :)

Ok I have to review the article again and review the details of this contest, but im willing to participate. Steemit is a winner.

Not ready to post anything yet. But I applaud you for your encouragement to newbies :-)

Thanks @kpine. I hope everybody click on this tag #steemspirit to see wonderful things people are doing to promote steemit. Steemit is a family and community and we must be proud to make it bigger. I'm grateful to Steemit so I will keep promoting it through my Yes-Movement.

Oh, well I will just resteem this for you instead of joining. 😊

Only up to april 22? Oh I'm late here.

smell an awesome contest is going on, would like to participate and invite more friends, thanks @kpine

Oh my goodness! How did I miss this #steemspirit contest? I have helped many to #joinsteemit and helping to promote steem through @redfishpillar, @edusteem , organizing #fridayfoodies contest & #knowyourwitness hangout . Thank you for supporting Steemians, @kpine.


Oh my goodness! How did I miss this #steemspirit contest? I have helped many to #joinsteemit examples of whom are @trendyevents, @gregjava, @farida, @stella98, @ana-step. Besides, I've been helping to promote steem through @redfishpillar, @edusteem , organizing #fridayfoodies contest & #knowyourwitness hangout . Thank you for supporting Steemians, @kpine.


This is awesome mate!! Thank you for giving us this awesome opportunity!! :)

Winny out...for now ;)

Hey Buddy

YES! Going to look through the #steemspirit tag tomorrow, and upvote some good content! Unfortunately I was traveling the past week or I would have shared my #steemspirit story as well!

But now I think about it: the tag is so good I can see it becoming a permanent tag where people share their #steemspirit stories \o/

Thanks for looking out for Steemit in your own non-content creating way @kpine ;-)

I know I'm late for this, but it seems like a really good idea. One of the hardest things is getting people to go through the sign up process and then get oriented... but then even more so, keeping users on the platform and engaged. Community development things are much needed.

I'm a singer-songwriter, and often get a lot of new followers whenever I post a new song, and especially when I'm part of the Open Mic, which has treated me really well (do check out a video if you've got a few minutes--I love to share my work). But in going through my followers (I try to keep up the relationships as well - important on the platform for a bunch of reasons), nearly all of the accounts have become inactive.

Forming community and giving people other reasons to stay on Steemit is super important for the value of the platform. This is one way to do it!

At what point should we start trying to give people other reasons for being here outside of the money? That's where the community comes in--but I still see that even if people make some friends here/enjoy the content, they often end up checking out when they see they aren't doing as well financially as they had hoped.

Anyway, a long ramble, but I'm glad to see things like this cropping up more and more. One step of many!

I am very sorry that I couldn't participate in this amazing contest, I also smell steemspirit, because I am on steemit more than 11 months and posting here everyday and even sometimes a few times a day, I belive that steemit will be the best social network in the world and we will have much more people than in facebook now, the future is after steem blockchain and it could be even better than bitcoin someday. ☺

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Two more days. Yaaaaay! @kpine. Well done sir. How is it going?

Why am I always late to the party?!

Looks like I missed it :/

Dammit to damn. :D
Ugh, i could have used this! Shame. Im feeling like im in a rut, reached a peak in what i can do here with my content. Could have used this to shake things up.
Oh well. Next time it is.

Ahh just saw this. Im actually creating a limited edition cannabis strain and im calling it Steem OG. Soon some steemians are going to be smoking steem power!!! I also post pictures of my plants with the steem logo on snap chat and instagram. I do fell that this new technology is just to early for most people, kinda like how Tesla came out with that remote controlled boat in the 1890's.

Where are you? @kpine

@kpine, wow. I love your spirit on steem blockchain. Thanks keep it up, better late than never. Also I fall in love with your emojis supermodel.... How can I make them too. I love it. Please my discord link is matthewthonyit#9150

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