Town and country for #treetuesday and a brief review of steemspeak

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Today's post for #treetuesday by @old-guy-photos is coming to you from steempeak another way to interact with the steem block chain. It has a lot of cool features and oodles of data that you can spend time interrogating
I'm just going to create this post and comment about steemspeak as I use it.

So without further ado.

Wherever you go whether it be town or country in England you will always find trees. This tree lined car park below is part of the lungs of London

The image below is from the top of observation hill in Greenwich
tree lined car park.jpg

I took the second photo below today while on a walk with my grandson in the countryside.

One of the drawbacks with steempeak (for me) is that you cannot get a preview of your images immediately while you are creating a post. They do arrive eventually and maybe it was just my connection?
Something we are used to seeing on the other steem blogging apps is the ability to see the full post while we create it. I'm sure they will address this delay in rendering images in the near future.

One tree standing alone


We had a lovely 3 kilometer walk and saw a frog which really excited my grandson (He is 3.5 years old) and we saw a few birds on the lakes. More about that tomorrow when I post my Wednesday walk.

Steemspeak is a very interesting website and has a lot of data that you can access about your account and activity. It combines 'some' of the elements from Steemworld built by @steemchiller and Steemnow built by @penguinpablo
The format is nice and easy to use and it is handy to have the best of these other platforms in one place which may save some time and the need to have several tabs open. It can stand alone as an app and I am pretty sure it will become very popular.

The steemspeak editor is a side by side arrangement and as you can see the images do arrive eventually.

steemspeak images.jpg

Overall my impression of Steemspeak. Thumbs up 100% a great addition to the steem ecosystem. Do check it out. You just might love it.

Bonus feature. You can schedule your posts and set a time for posting. very handy if you are going to be away from an internet connection.

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This is the third time I've read about Steemspeak today molometer. Must be time for me to check it out. 😊


It's got a lot going for it if you are into analyzing your data and the interface is pretty cool. I'm so used to the night mode on steemit that it seems a little to bright for my eyes but still a great addition to the steem ecosystem. Check it out. Yoink! 😊


Check it out.

Will do @molometer. I'll aim to make a post from it tomorrow. 😊


The scheduling aspect seems very handy I must say, however the reply comments to posts might take a hit?


The scheduling probably wouldn't make any difference to my replying to comments @molometer.

I use GINA to find the comments rather than Steemit but, I suppose if Steempeak is an all singing and dancing thing, I might stop relying on GINA.

I'm glad you left the comment though as I'd already forgotten I was going to give Steempeak a go today. I'll open it in my browser now before I forget again. 😂

Greenwich as in Prime Meridian Greenwich? Did you see that my cemetery challenge post on Monday was a photo taken near Heathrow?


Yep it's 'that' Greenwich. I was there a couple of weeks ago. I didn't see the Monday challenge. I'll take a look now.

Upvote for me thanks

Your photos and writing really make England an inviting place.


It is a very lovely country with a wide range of places to see and many other attractions to choose from. Glad you liked it.