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RE: What's up with the Steem Smart Contracts tool?

@harpagon You might be interested in my project which is similar but doesn’t use a sidechain, uses soft-consensus; I’ve also successfully created a token (and you can find a tutorial on how to create one yourself on the wiki):


Interesting, your project reminds me of LotionJS ( where they manage a shared state.
The "Steem Smart Contracts" use a soft-consensus as well, that's the only way to go I guess when building something on top of an existing blockchain like Steem (the "sidechain" is used as the ledger for the "shared" database only)

Hmm. I was going to create some sort of smart contracts system too at one point but realized that it was way out of my scope. So I settled for steem-state which was a lot less ambitious.

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