Steemskate 20 : Making this creation episode 2

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Evening Steem freaks from London England,

Been a bit of busy week with three skate sessions and a bit of filming. I have therefore pieced together this footage along with a collaboration I did with a friend of mine from Chicago. The song is called "Purtiy Activity" which I think goes well with the skating as making tricks and creating art in the form of music can be tough to get right but looks pure when it is done right.
Please note that the big bs flip at the end is not me or the following kick flip . Also note the varial heel and fs pop shuv was not me either . I was also not the one who flipped off his back . But everything else apart from the kick flip bail in the beginning (thats my brother) is me.

Finally here is proof I hung out with @nicolcron at the Death Skateboards Premier. Its is upside down but im too tired to try fix it

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That was rad especially that bs flip!
It's really cool making music then using it for a skate edit. It's like double the effort but double the stoke when it's all finished and online!
Awesome stuff dude!


Thanks man , cant belive that pic came out upside down . Can you imagine making the music ,editing the video then thinking oh let me put that pic in ... oh its upside down ...oh well fuck you


Hahaha! Oh man I know the feeling but its more accurate really cos i was feeling upsidedown all night! =)

Nice sesh dude. I like the way the tune turned out, especially with the skating. It went well together.


thanks man yea was stoked how it came out

Nice one man.
Music is perfect for that footage.
Seemed like an awesome session.


Thanks man you dudes all rule

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