Making this Creation : Episode 4 , Beat over Brains

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Evening Steem from London town,

To make the music for this episodes making the creation I again reached into to the tape vaults and pulled out one of my first recordings I did. We set up some drums and shakers in the bathroom then overdubbed bass,guitar and vocals.

Inspiration for song creation

The lyrics for this song are a basic mantra of the follwing

Beat over Brains
Rhythm over Reason
Repetition over Complication

It kind of rings true for what I like in music , not really over thinking and just going with the creative urge , wherever that comes from. Anyway I had a lot of fun making this song and starting on the process music production. Im glad I could come back and update this track.

The skating

This was filmed after Christmas and some of it was filmed early on New Years day . I coudln't be asked to go out into that melee.

I hope you enjoy this episode and Im fully motivated like every other asshole on new years to pump out more of these.

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Man that was fucking awesome.I am so bad in terms of making music and I totally think I am an idiot while I am watching your episodes.Hahaha.
The skating was so good bro.What the fuck,this flip bs 5-0 was so good.
Proper catch stall and landing.Keep shredding brother.

Another epic episode.
Resteemed by @Steemskate