Steemskate Week 11 - SMITH GRINDS @nicolcron original videos [DTUBE EXCLUSIVE SKATEBOARDING]

in steemskate •  4 months ago

Hello Steemians and Dtube MASSIVE!! Here I do a few different smith grinds at my favourite spot of 2018! 1 mile from my house!

Thanks for watching, proper vlog making a comeback next time!
StAY wEirD!!

▶️ DTube
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Nice man,that bs smith was actually better than the frontside.
Holy shit im gonna film my #steemskate entry today,that got me hyped.


Cheers bro! Yeah I have always struggled with smiths on low ledges, something about a higher ledge just makes you jam it in different and its easier to do longer. I haven't done one fs in ages so yeah! Hahaha!
Peace man!

maan! still, i cant load the video