DTube Original Series VLOG 18 - @nicolcron Funny Photoshoot FAIL! PLUS STEEMSKATE 12 - "The Ollie" Brief History Lesson

in steemskate •  8 months ago

Hello Steemians! Dtube crew! And #STEEMSKATE FAMILY!!
Welcome to vlog 18! With all the fun, excitement and comedy moments you expect from your boy @nicolcron!

Eventful failure this time, but at least my t shirt looks good! =)

Hope you enjoy this slice of my weird life and an infinite thank you's for checking it out!!

StaY WeiRD!!
Love is all.

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hhahaha oooo woww... haha LOL wow. thats fuckin funny. poor guy. hey good info on the ollie too . i didnt know that about the frontside air. or that mullen did it first on flat. i did know the guy alan gefland was knicknamed "ollie" though hah. DTUBE COMES througH!! wooo!! now if the price of steem multiplies by 50x this post can buy your homie a new dslr hehehe


Yeah man!! I forgot to mention in the vlog that it also broke his pocket wizard (wireless flash sync thing). I'm broke af but Rob has a great job in the city and he has already bought a replacement flash thing and managed to fix the DSLR! Happy Days!
We are going for round two next week hahaha......
Cheers bro!! Yeah a lot of my skate homies are taking me more seriously with steemit and dtube now that I can show them those consistant dollar signs!! I have stuck by dtube through its ups and downs this year, it works for me and I am a proud dtuber! I think someone over there has noticed the enthusiasm of the steemskate crew and the potential for our numbers skyrocketting. Once a few of us are banking for real like the OG steemian heavyweights I think skaters won't be able to ignore it anymore and skateboarders/filmers/photographers are gonna be signing up in their thousands!
IT'S ON!!!


You bet it's on man.
Congrats on winning #steemskate week 12 bro.Awesome vlog,the t-shirt are fucking awesome and that lens break was hillarious.
And got the big paycheck.
Always hyped to see your weird life dude.


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Wow thank you, I hope everyone enjoyed watching my show! =)

please help me and like my videos

please help me and like my videos


my likes are only worth 2c i am afraid, also if you are quite new to steemit I suggest doing a introduce yourself post where you write about yourself and how you came to be on steemit. I have only been on here 6 -7 months and it's just started to pick up a bit for me! =)
Hope that info helps!!

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