STEEMSKATE WEEK 14 ENTRY -- @nicksmitley

in #steemskate5 years ago

This week's entry for Steemskate is a collection of clips over a 2 day span..
Brought to you by @nicksmitley's obscenity-filled, hair pulling, technology battle with his laptop.

Day one was a short skate around Casey, Illinois for a few tricks at an old Dollar General building.
Day two, I met up with @jayr-88 to go to the spillway at the lake. Afterwards, we stopped by some old building down the road which fits well into the "apocalyptic" theme..and tried for a few more tricks.

Not a lot of insane tricks for this video, nor any professional editing..I'm still trying to figure out the editor.
After adding new words to my swear word vocab and screaming my throat sore..I took what edit I had done and called it good! :)


Wow,that ditch man.Such an awesome spot and that trick(Smitley boneless?!?) was so rad.
Killed that week's theme again man,awesome work.
Your vlogs are getting better and better dude.Rad

Thanks bro! Yea idk what to call that trick lol. Still trying to master the vid editor but once I do shit's gonna get real haha.

That spillway spot looks awesome , like most people the vids are getting better and better once you get over yourself talking to camera it rules. Its takes a while but is always good to help let the person watching know where you at and what you doing

One day I hope to kill that spot, gotta wait till the water is low enough for it to be completely dry.. and probably should warm up the legs beforehand.
And nollie flip will happen, it must :)

"this fence is here to keep us out.... that was difficult!"

hahaha! this looks like FUN

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