in steemskate •  4 months ago

While my wife and kids were visiting friends, I stopped in at Casey's skatepark for a little push on my day off.
Since I've been working a lot, I haven't been skating as much. So today I just went through my usual tricks to keep up with them. I also worked on smith grinds some more and tried something new.

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Yeeeeeah Nick!!! Lovely vlog! Nice intro, tune fit well and was chill, personal NBD's, slow mo's.... Who could ask for more?
And you got a nice fat dtube vote!
Awesome stuff bro and well done!!!!


Thanks man! Much appreciated!

Fuck yeah man.Awesome fakie fs bigspin.2 NBD'S in one session is awesome!!
$$$$ flowing in your acount bro.
So hyped for you man,awsome vlog!!


FINALLY haha, thanks man! Now to just stick that nollie flip lol.


Feels nice eh?hahahah

dude that was sick. inspiring work! nice job on the edit too~ !! killed it on this post dude! dtube just bought you some new shoes!!


Thanks man! Starting to think I needa land me a shoe sponsor lol.

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