Sunday Morning Solo Session

in steemskate •  6 months ago

I got a text last night asking if, when, and where I'll be skating this morning. The plan was to skate nowhere but I'm always down to go out with one of my inspirees. Sadly for him, he overslept. So here's less than 2 minutes of my morning. I'd say nothing special, but just being able to get out and push around for a bit is special enough. Hope you enjoy.

🎵 Royce the 5 9 - "Caterpillar"

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Video rules dig all the other stuff like lieing on the board and rolling ,ect. I hate it when people bail on me so I end up skating alone most of the time .


Thank you sir! Shit happens, life gets in the way, we just ollie over it and keep it movin!

Loved that man! From the giant ant to the coffin ender! =)
Also, what is it with hitting camera's this week!?!? I feel your pain man!

So sick watching your skating as you had an unfortunate slow start on here with injuries and whatnot.

You have a dope steeze man! That bs nollie flip (my fav trick) was g-code!!!
Was that your homie turning up at the end with the close heel f board?
So rad!!


This brought me happy tears damnit! Thanks @nicolcron! Yea that's my boy Cab, we met when we were in kindergarten he's a beast. You got me wanting to do a squad video now to show them off more. Aight it's coming! Seriously means alot man, been quite a year and skating has done for me what skating does. Being patient with the process has kept it fun, but the love and support from the #steemskate family has been absolutely incredible ✊!!!