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Goodmorning people and i hope you have a nice day.

Yesterday,we metup with @nakamamongo and my homie Alex and finally we skated outside of the skatepark.
Don't get me wrong,I love skateparks but when you go at street spots,you get so much more motivated to shred.
That happened yesterday.We went at Ioannina city university and skated non-stop for 2 hours.
We managed to film 2 minutes of footage?!?!?Such a good day.
Good vibes,no people around us + sick spot.

My aim is to buy a new camera at the moment,because as you can see and hear i can't stand this stupid action camera anymore.I want to make my skate vlogs so much better and show the @steem community how we roll here in #steemskate .

Thanks for watching guys and don't forget to pay a visit at #steemskate page to see what's going on with the skate scene on the blockchain.


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Oh my days are you kidding!?!? SO good.
That was insane dude! Switch flip 5050's, Kickflip and heelflip!
The nollie inward over the bench in a line was doooooope!
@knowhow92 and @nakamamongo smashing spots DAILY!!


Yo @nicolcron , thanks man.
Yeah it we had a blast yesterday.We haven't skated this spot for over 3 months and we got so hyped.

My homies the real deal, we smokin' that kill-kill
She shake it, it feel real.


The paper flowin' still, now that bitch wanna chill
Damn, this shit stay chill

Yo. That spot looks crazy fun! Lotsa thoroughness in this clip my friend, bangin bangin bangin!


Yo big bro @Mikesalvi,thanks for your words man.
You are an inspiration yourself too,still kickin ass on a skateboard.

I'm just thankful that we're not getting all the government we're paying for.