🌞 Skate Park Fun - Skateboarding with Dad and Brother πŸ‘¨β€πŸ‘¦

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🌞 Skate Park Fun - Skateboarding with Dad and Brother πŸ‘¨β€πŸ‘¦

My dad just turned 60 and he still gets out and shreds it on a skate board! He is a super active dude and has great balance! The other day my brother, dad and I went to Wild Rose skate park. It was super fun recording with my Sony a6500. I also brought my Mavic Pro to get some cool aerial footage.

ezgif.com-video-to-gif (57).gif

My dad grew up skateboarding. He got my brother and I into it when we were young. My brother continues to skateboard a lot, it is he favorite hobby. It was cool watching my brother do some cool tricks.

ezgif.com-video-to-gif (58).gif

Check out my new video on @Dtube πŸ˜ŽπŸ‘

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I got the drone up in the air! Check out these sweet shots from the sky.

ezgif.com-video-to-gif (60).gif

Thanks so much for your support!!



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Drone shots are damn cool ! (Again!)


Thanks Mo! :)

Hell yeah man,love that you also post skateboarding!Wish I can still skate at the age of 60 like your father does!Awesome edit and by the way,do you skateboard or have you ever tried?


Yeah he is a healthy guy!
Thanks man!
Yeah I was skating too. I should have had my brother record me.
I can drop into that bowl and pump through it. I don't do any tricks though. :)


Why don't you try nect time and show us?That would be cool.
Nice to see more people posting skate videos!
Keep up the good work man.


Heck ya! I will. I want to do back to this park soon :)

Very cool! I used to skate a bit but BMX was more my thing. I had to quit after a bad accident and that still makes me feel sad from time to time.


That is a bummer you had an accident. These sports can really put you out.
Hopefully you still cruise around on a bike. :)


Yeah it was a bummer but I'm philosophical about it. Without that my life would have been completely different. I do still get about pretty well, though I'll never ride skateparks anymore. Watching what some of the kids are doing on bikes nowadays, it's probably just as well!

Family skate session!!! That's special cool, it's unheard of.. Nice 1 @acromott..

Wow. Lol. Pretty cool your dad can still skateboard. I've never really been good at it. Took a long board down a 5 degree incline for like 50 ft and nearly rolled. Haha. Made it to a stop without dying though!

Awesome video man , I got nothing to complain about I am still trying to shred at 39 cant keep up with all these steemskate whippersnappers