2019 Steem Silver Round Winner!

Votes are in and a winner has been chosen!


Steemian created and steemian decided, this is your 2019 Steem Silver Round.


Winning design was created by the talented @edxserverus.

Congratulations @edxserverus!

Thanks to all the voters that turned out to be a part of history. It was truly a platform decision. This will be the 3rd Steem Silver Round created. Also I would like to give a huge shoot out to all designers that entered this years contest, you all did an amazing job!

There has been a lot of Questions asked about this years round, the biggest one being, "Can I get the same numbers that I have gotten in the previous releases"? The answe is Yes, there will be a proof of ownership post that will come out in the next few days. At that time you will have to submit a photo of your name and COA'S from the previous release.

2nd most asked question is, "What will the Mintage be"? We are going to try and stick with the 1500 rounds as we have in the previously 2 releases. Now this will depend on all of you. We will also start taking PRE-ORDERS in the next couple of days, so be looking out for that post.

If everything goes well, My plan is to have the 2019 Steem Silver round ready to ship by October 2019.

Thanks for stopping by, make sure you stay tuned!




Congratulations to our goldensmith @edxserverus!

thank you very much for your support.

Congratulations @edxserverus. What an amazing design. Can't wait to see it on the SSR 2019

I am really happy to have won, but to have competed against you was really horrible, you have been one of the people who have supported me most and motivated me and I hope you achieve your goal of continuing the elements series. thanks for everything.

Your design is amazing and I really hope it looks that great on a silver round. I think that if we were able we would even sell more than 1500 with your design. It's beautiful.

Congratulations @edxserverus!

Your round design is absolutely stunning and the epic voting battle was fun! 😄

Cheers! 🥂 🍾 🎉

I must admit that having won was a surprise, you really escaped at times, if it was fun but quite stressful that is why I decided that in the coming years others enjoy the experience. thanks for your kindness.

Awesome competition as always. Looking forward to getting these sliver beauties into my hot little hands.

Congratulations to @EDXserverus, @Dfinney, & @Welhstacker for making 3 DOPE ass designs. Each one had its own unique elements of awesomeness, but in the end I am happy EDX took the crown. Well deserved sir among stiff and talented competition. Bless up everyone.

Your support was an important part of this, thanks for your your support mate you are great.

Right back at ya buddy.

Big Congrats to @edxserverus 🎉🍾 🤗
It is a really incredleble design and I cant wait to own one of those beauties 😍
Yeay to 2019 winner!

Thank you very much, I hope it is as beautiful as I imagined.

Ohh.. I have no doubt it Will be 😉👍
Good job and Thank you for sharing your beautiful design. 🤗

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Yesss... that is the design i vote for and looking forward for the post regarding the pre-orders!
As well is there someone who is willing to sell the round from last year?

I really hope it looks very beautiful and you enjoy it, thanks for supporting my design.

Congratulations, mate. Fantastic design. Well deserved. I look forward to seeing them come to life.

thanks matt I hope it looks great.

Congratulations @edxserverus. Fantastic design. Well deserved.

Will a shot of the rounds with the numbers count? My COA's walked away....

Either way, congrats to the winner, and most of all the community!

thanks, and you're right we have to congratulate the community

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