Happy New Year! Some Silver 2018 pick ups!

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Whats up everyone hope you all are excited for a new year!

When silver dipped into the 15$ range recently I had to get something, so I got 5 2018 1oz Kookaburra's. These coins are amazing in detail and love how the moon is on this coin, really gives it a nice touch. Let me know your opinion these coins.

kukaburra close.jpg


Hope you enjoyed the post!

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Love those Four nines Kookaburras. Australian Perth Mint • SteemSilverGold •

The moon in this coin is outstanding! Love this design!

I love the perth mint coins have a few kook's not this years yet but i will get one \o/


I recommend them for sure, their price usually goes up overtime and the 2018 design is really a work of art.

I really like the new design on the Kookaburras. Their value usually goes up every year. Nice pick up!


Thanks kp!

yeah i really like the moon on there! happy new year bud :)


Happy new year owenwat!

I really like the design this year, thx for sharing

Very nice, that's one of the best looking Kooks so far!