Why you should be keeping an eye out for this silver coin....

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Now I'm advising my good friends of #steemsilvergold to keep a close eye out for this special little coin.

All will be revealed shortly and you'll all understand what I mean 😁


But while I have you here let me tell you a little about this coin:

The 1oz, Athenian Owl, Silver Bullion Coin is inspired by the "Tetradrachm", an Ancient Greek coin with a face value of four drachmae.

The original athenaian owl coins were in wide circulation between 505 and 38 BC and is the most recognised of all ancient coins.

(source: http://www.ancientresource.com/images/greek/greek_coins/athens/athens-oldstyle-tet-cg2115)

The 2018 coin is minted by the "silvertowne" mint and has a fineness of 999/1000. It is 2.3mm thick and has a diameter of 39mm and has a reeded edge.


The 2018 version of the athenian owl is one of the cheapest coins to buy on the market and in my opinion is one of the nicest.


So if you do ever get the chance to pick up a tube of these, I definitely recommend having some in your collection.



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I totally agree with you. The kangaroo was also cheap the first year but the owl is a better design. If I started all over this would be one (and the other the rectangle dragon bars).


I love those bars, @thedamus sent me one a few months back. They are amazing.


The history about the design is what I think makes this coin really stand out (at least for me ;) ) because I like hearing about where things come from. It is different and clean design and one cannot beat the prices these days.


@knowledge-seeker.... loving the acquisition of knowledge. 😉 I agree with you. Seeing how the round was influenced by the ancient coin is cool.

Thank you for your continued support of SteemSilverGold

The Owl is a great bullion coin, I have a 2017 tube of them.