The misadventures of Captain Skidd and the Jolly Todger! #piratesunday special.

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Avast ye see dogs and welcome ye to thee misadventures of Captain Skidd and the crew of his dependable ship the Jolly Todger.


Today's adventure sees captain Skidd searching for the 1 eyed see monster and the silver skull.

The crew of the jolly Todger are a motley bunch but faithful to their captain. They would follow him to the ends of the earth and in this adventure they may just have to do that.

The adventure begins when captain Skidd bumps in to an old friend, H. M. S. Matey.....


Skidd - "arrrghhhh"

Matey - "argghhhh"

After they exchanged pleasantries Matey tells Captain Skidd that he came across an old treasure map and if he promised to split the loot, he'd hand it over.


The map looks all authentic and genuine. It definitely has some age to it!! They deduce that the map must have been drawn by a 1 handed, 1 eyed child because of its crudeness.....

Captain Skidd takes the map from Matey and sets off on the treasure hunt.

He rounds palm-tree Island, scuttles past mermaid cove, saying hello to Precious as he passes, and makes his way to the land of the one eyed giant see monster.


They've never seen anything like this before....

Will they survive the encounter with the giant, one eyed, tophat wearing, bow tied, blue sea monster???

The seas around the monster are strewn with recks of previous ships. What makes Captain Skidd think he will fair any better?

After some quick thinking from Captian Skidd, the crew of the Jolly Todger thrown out some sardines and the sea monster follows. The treasure is left unattended and Captain Skidd makes his move.


Skidd - "the treasure is mine, all mine!!"

Captain Skidd rushes in and takes the treasure. The giant, sea monster doesn't even notice.

The Jolly Todger heads back home to share the loot with Matey....


Tune in next week, to see if I can be bothered, for the next adventure of Captain Skidd and the crew of the Jolly Todger.

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Meep meep

Arrrgghhhh !!!!


Indeed!!! Tune in next week to see what adventures they get up to.

God help us if we run into the likes of this unsavory crew of Cut-throats.


They are not to be messed with. That polar bear packs a mean punch.