Is this the coolest coin of the year? #steemsilverround

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I don't want to blow my own trumpet, but I will!!! 😂😂😂

So what do you guys think?? Is this a winner or what? Who wishes they had bought more now?

From this:


In to this:


Evolving in to this:

(thank you @edxserverus)

Then my cut and paste masterpiece:


And thanks to @sevinwilson, @raybrockman and the mint for making my scribble on a piece of paper turn in to this:


I honestly can't believe how well this has turned out. Thank you to everyone involved in making the 2018 #steem round an incredible success. That include all you guys that helped "tweek" and suggest the tiny details that makes this round look incredible.

@sevinwilson has said that all is looking good and that the mint should be shipping them off to him soon, ready for packaging and sending them out to you lot. So not long to wait now, I hope you really like the 2018 #steemsilverround and it find a place in your stack.

One last thing....... I better up my game for the 2019 #steemsilverround if we are going to build on this year!!



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In 2019 I will have some of the new rounds. I entered steemit at the end of January 2018 and I had no SBD to pay for the 2018 round. Next year will be different.


Next year, you might be the lucky person that gets to design the 2019 #steemsilverround. Once everyone has received the rounds, keep your eye out as a few a given away as prizes. You might he lucky and get 1

You should get a photo frame that can hold a coin, mount your coin in it together with high quality printed photos of the 4 images that show the progression of the design and a few inspirational words and sign it, design a collectors piece that would grace someones wall hundreds of years from now.


And you're offering to make this for me???? 😂😂😂😂

Great idea though, I'll look in to it

Wow. Those look awesome. Congrats on the design. Can’t wait to get mine! 😁


Thanks for buying and thanks for all the support. With out the support of people such as yourself, none of this would be possible. So thanks again and happy stacking 😎

You and everyone else involved did a great job. I know I personally bought several and am thinking that I should have bought a few more! Haha!

Next year's design is going to have to be really good to top the two all ready killer designs.


Thanks man, glad you like. I can't wait for next year's design now, already got a few ideas banging about. Lol

You should be proud. It's a good-looking round and I'm excited that I'm going to add some to my stack. Thanks for coming up with such a great design. :)


Thanks for being one of the folks that bought it. With out your support this coin would never have been made.

Damn that's pretty. Top effort, welshstacker. Its lovely, I can't wait.


It's crazy to think that a bloke in Wales, had a silver round made, by a few Yanks (@sevinwilson @raybrockman) that will end up in Australia..... All made possible through #steemit and #steemsilvergold by people we've never even met.

Hope they don't disappoint in the flesh, so to speak. Thanks man


Isn't it great? Makes it all real. To think your design will be all over the world, hidden away in the company of countless treasures, maybe for centuries.

The 2018 rounds came out really nice, it's going to be hard to top this next year! Congratulations @welshstacker, you designed a beautiful coin.


Thank you @cyber.explorer Can't wait to get 1 in my hand to really have a good look at it.

Thank you for your continued support of SteemSilverGold


Thank you @ssg-community for your continued upvote 😀

Wow! The 2018 round looks insane. Great creativity @welshstacker. Some talent right there man. Detail work on the coin 💥. Def should have bought more lol.


It surprised me when we only minted 1500. The plan was 2500,but we just didn't get the pre-orders. Now it's been made, I'm guessing a lot more people wished they had bought 1 or 2


Of course!! I wasn't aware only 1500 were done ...

Shit Man!! That's Sexy as Fuck! Congratulations Welsh I can't wait to get my dirty fingers on that shiny sleek silver! :-)


They look great. Glad you got a few my friend. How's tricks?


It's been a wild ride to say the least mate check my new post for a preview lol 👊🤘

Yesss.....I've got 100 heading my way :)

You should be very proud. You've become a part of history now. Those coins will live much longer than you!


That's the bit that get me excited. I've tried explaining that to the Mrs, but she just doesn't get it!! Something to definitely pass down the generations

You totally crushed it with this design!! When I first saw the initial design I thought it would come out good, but all of the enhancements made it an even better design!!

They should be arriving to me in the next week it appears and then they should be getting shipped out to everyone shortly thereafter!

Bravo Welshie!


Cheers bro. I'd like to thank you for the time and effort you've put in to this. With out your dedication this idea would never have made it off the ground.


plus how was I not following @sevinwilsonsdad until just now 😂😂😂


Thanks for the kind words sir!!!

When you have some down time tune in to his intro video! It is hilarious!

you did a fantastic job, and I can't wait to hold mine 😍


Thanks man. Let's hope they look as good in real life!!??!!

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It's fantastic. The tree reminds me of Yggdrasil, the world tree of Norse mythology. Kind of with a more modern fantasy touch over it, too, which is a cool mix. And good words of wisdom, too :)


Thanks for the kind words, glad you like it. This silver round is my key to immortality, it will be here long after I go😀


Odin would be proud ;)