Last minute entry on the final day for submitting an entry to the 2019 #steemsilverround design competition

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The deadline is fast approaching to get any ideas and designs submitted for the 2019 #steemsilverround.

I've made a few slight amendments to my design to try and help the community understand what I want from my design. My ability to draw DOES NOT match my ability to think up some good ideas.


So for me, personally, I love the idea of a series of interlinked coins, and since we've already had WATER:

(2017 design by @bearone)


(2018 design by @welshstacker)

The "ELEMENTAL" theme would be a great continuation.

So for the consideration of the community I give you my revised idea - **"COMMUNITY RISING" **


Please use your imagination and give me some benefit of doubt. Like I said my artistic skills leave a lot to be desired, but buy in to the ideas I'll try and get across.


Let's start with the outer design. As you can see, I've removed last year's "communi-tree" design andtaken out the little "acorn" designs that sepersted the individual words for community. Remember to change the year!!


I do like the world's around the outside of the round. We can always add more languages. I went for a very simple flame design that I think would be recognised as a flame. If you look at the 2018 design, you'll see that the detail on the acorns were not the best at that small size, so less is more when scaling it down.



I had originally thought about trying to incorporate the red-fish, minnow, dolphin, whale design in to the plumage of the phoenix. If done correctly I think it would be subtle enough not to look silly. It doesn't have to be in the end wing feathers, they could be tucked away all throughout the bird(including belly, tail).

Using the design idea above, I definitely would get the phoenix to fill the round and use the sweeping wings to track the inner circle.

The STEEM logo needs to be kept centre and doesn't look out of place in the chest of the bird. Some would even say it could be interpreted as the beating heart of the phoenix.


I know of a few community members that don't like the idea of adding the aquatic animals to the feathers, but I do really think they need to be on all coins to make them a series. So how about taking them and using a similar design pattern to that of @bearone back in 2017?

Take the progression part of #steemit and make an endless circle around the inner rim.


Still get the phoenix to fit the face of the coin, but add the extra design of the minnow, dolphin, whale etc.....

The finish to the face can either be mirrored like 2018 or a stippled/frosted finish would also work.


Let me know what you think. All feedback is welcomed, good and bad. Remember this is a community design and so the community should have a lot of input.

Lastly, goodnluck to all other entries. I know a few of us have gone down a similar path.


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Another impressive design by you! Looks good Welshie.😎👍


Thanks hammer. Hopefully the community will agree with you and we can take this design and work on it together.

Great job Mr. Welsh. Looks cool!


Cheers buddy. Its not how I'm seeing it in my head, but these were the closest clip-arts I could find to what I'm picturing.

Did anyone come up with a Mermaid in the Middle...???
April 10, 2019... #ssg-membership


Not that I know of. Its not too late to get your submission in.


I’m no Artist... Perhaps next year, someone may think of Mermaid with all the Fish, Dolphins and Whales swimming around her... She could even be holding a Steem Coin, she picked up off the Ocean Floor as if she’s showing it to us...

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Looks sweet to me !
The central are around the phoenix could use something to fill it out maybe ?

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Like I said, my cut and paste skills and windows "paint" skills need some improving. The phoenix would fill the face of the round.


in that case you've got my vote 👍

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I like it welshy. I think the sea creatures look good where you have them now. As you said I would make the phoenix bigger / take up more of the space.

I would buy this round.


Thanks again buddy for the input. I'm sure someone with better computer skills than me can make it look better. But you get the general idea?