Exchange / Giveaway of bitshares gold bits aka STEEMGOLD

in steemsilvergold •  15 days ago

STEEMGOLD is exchangeable to bitGOLD, SBD, or STEEM.

Will be giving away some STEEMGOLD so leave your bitshares name for a chance at some!

STEEMGOLD ~ 1/1000th bitGOLD

Or it may be exchanged:

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really long time

My BTS account name is joanawatts8

bts : the-hunter

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Sweet giveaways are back! ;-)


Sounds great Steemgold
Bts: jackson500

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THank you for your offer, appreciate it

My Bitshares address: daudi-mitch

Everything helping Steem and Bts dex is a good project. Resteemed.

My BTS Account is: toofastedie-1

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M0nui (zero as 0)

My BTS account is kenny-crane

Thanks for the giveaway! 👍

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