The quarter in your pocket could be worth $5000!!! 2019 West Point Quarter

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Especially if you are in and around the Tennessee area. So far I've heard of 2 people finding these Quarters and both are from Tennessee. PCGS was offering a $5000 bounty on the first one sent in to them to get slabbed. These coins are the 2019 "America the Beautiful" Lowell National Historical Park quarter.

Here is an excerpt from the PCGS article.

"By minting and then placing scarce West Point quarters into circulation, the United States Mint is allowing anyone the opportunity to collect rare coins from their pocket change. PCGS is happy to help collectors commemorate their early discoveries with special encapsulation labels and the chance for one lucky submitter to get a unique pedigree and $5,000 reward."

Do you know of any other pocket change gems like this to be found? Here is an article with a few fine examples. Top 10 Most Valuable U.S. Coins Found in Pocket Change

As @thedamus would say "Keep your Bananas Peeled!"

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Awesome sauce! Thanks for spreading the word! 😃


Hopefully someone in our group finds one. That would be awesome! Thanks for stopping by @thekittygirl.

Snap, I live in Tennessee, I better start looking!


I think the one guy got a whole roll of them at the Walmart. Not sure what town. I'll have to find the article. Get to looking!

I heard about these. I just wish I could find a few to sell them real quick on ebay and hopefully make some quick money while there is hype. Although, there is a state between me and Tennessee, I am still hoping. Haha!


On eBay they are selling for $100 and flying off the digital shelves. I'm far away but will grab a couple rolls from different banks tomorrow just in case. Good luck to you!


Good luck to you as well! I just took a look on ebay and it looks like a guy from Monroe Michigan is selling them. I am not sure how far that is from you, but he claims to have found them in a roll.


Well shit. That is just South of my work. I'll have to stop at the Beer store on my way home to check their quarter supply. HAHAHAHAHA

I don't live in Tennessee, but this is good to know.


They just found some in my neck of the woods here in Michigan. I grabbed a roll from the bank and a roll from the Post Office, but no dice. Keep an eye out.

I know we don't get a lot of US coin up here in Canada but just in case.....


Never hurts to look. We get all kinds of Canadian change here, but I can almost see Canada from my work. LOL

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