I don't know where she finds these....

Not having much free time as of late, I sent the better half to the LCS again. She is the one who brought me back the Ugly Baby bar and some others I haven't showed yet. This one needed to be in the spotlight first.

She sent me a picture of what she picked up while I was on my way to work yesterday.


I could tell what 5 out of the 6 roughly looked like. The top left round I couldn't make out. Then I got home.... What kind of hideous shit is this??? Creepy clown with X's for eyes.


This thing is getting melted without question. There is a 100% chance I would not have grabbed this, even out of the junk bin. Luckily I got my 6 for $100 deal so I can't complain I guess. Look at this round! Would you want this in your collection??? I'm guessing not.


To make it even worse someone scratched some Snoopy Nose's on the back of the coin. My guess is they were trying to destroy the coin without having to look this clown in the face. Unfortunately they failed and this thing still lives. I'm not sure who minted it but the year on it is 1999.


I just found the 2002 version of this coin on eBay. WTF?!?!?! Who the hell would pay $99 for it?

I'm sorry you put out this coin SilverTowne, most of your other bars/rounds are awesome. This one on the other hand.....not so much.

On a side note. If you ever think about ordering silver from SD Bullion...Don't. Placed my order on the 27th of December and it hasn't even been processed. I called them to ask the status and they said it would be a few more days. Typically when you order something with a Debit card it's charged immediately. Oh, but not at SD Bullion.

This order was only for 6 generic rounds of their choice. I couldn't imagine ordering a serious amount from these Ass Hats. Then I asked them to cancel my order and they said they can't do that. They did give me the option to sell it back to them......once my payment was processed. The only reason I ordered from them in the first place was because they are located in Michigan and I figured shipping would be fast.

KISS MY ASS SD Bullion!!!

Proud member of #steemsilvergold.


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Ha ha, creepy down indeed... Now, if it gets melted down and the clown starts appearing on the new pour?


If that happens I'm throwing it in the deepest body of water I can find. LOL

Someone needs a snickers lol ass hats 😂😂😂😂 we have had good luck with them lately but you can't count on it with them, we ordered on the 24th and it arrived the 30th last month..stay warm


It was actually really nice out today. 50 degrees and sunny. Not sure what their deal is with my order. They won't be getting any more business from me.



That's what I'm saying @stokjockey! Not sure why it's taking them so long. Just charge my card and send my stuff.

I’ve heard mixed reviews on them. I’ve never ordered from them. Don’t like paying for shipping.


They do have free shipping over $99. My review of them is, don't waste your time. Even with free shipping.

@vgholdingsllc - Hilarious stuff man... With a typical silver post the writer is proud of their purchase, but with your recent posts they've been the opposite. It's funny... but hey you're going to melt it down anyway so really you're doing us all a favor. 😆 Cheers man!


LOL. I didn't pick out any of these or I probably wouldn't talk bad about them. My old lady picks out the most random coins/bars. Soon these will be something way cooler. :)

Fight the power buddy! 👊😎


LOL. I'm trying. Never dealt with people this slow. I shouldn't have to beg them to take my money.

Thank you for your continued support of SteemSilverGold

If it wasnt for the scratches on the back I would happily have that clown in my collection!


The bad part is, I think there is another in the generic bin. I'll see if it's in better condition. I'll probably end up with it anyways as the junk bin was getting low. Thanks for stopping by @fat-elvis!

Hahaha you just never know what is collectable now a days! I kinda like the clown round😎


NO. It's horrible. If you really like it I'll trade you for an ounce of generic to melt.

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Yo, fuck clowns, fuck SD bullion and FUCK MICHIGAN! OH, uhhh, wait, maybe just the first two.



😅😂🤣. I'm with you on those. How stupid. Just take my money and give me my silver.

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Look again at the scratches on the back. I'm pretty sure that isn't Snoopy's nose, but BOOBS! Boobs should always stay in your collection... 😁 😂


HAHAHAHA! I just didn't want to offend anyone. If they were drawn a bit better I may keep it. As for now it's going in the crucible. Thanks for stopping by @thekittygirl!