What Should My Next Silver Pickup Be?

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Good evening, Steemians!

I thought I'd have a little fun with this post, and ask the viewers (lol) what my next silver pickup should be. I'm going to give two choices. I'm eventually going to get both of them, but I anticipate making a purchase on Thursday or Friday :).

Vote for either this: Screen Shot 2017-08-22 at 5.49.51 PM.png

Or this: Screen Shot 2017-08-22 at 5.49.02 PM.png

I'm kind of leaning toward the Hippos because they will likely rise more in price over the next couple of years, but those Lunar Roosters look pretty awesome. Also, I'm kind of fascinated by the Rwanda Wildlife series. This is their 10th year, with the Elephant being the first coin in the series 2008, which began with a mintage of 5,000 for the BU. I believe it was in 2013 with the Cheetah that they began with a mintage of a 10,000 BU. It's super hard to find information on the mintages of the newer coins. Anyway, don't let that influence your choice. I've come to realize that the German Mint, the one who puts out these Rwanda coins, makes a very good quality product and they tend to do very well years after their releases.

So, what'll it be, Stackers and Steemians? Hippos, or Lunar Rooster? You decide! Thanks for stopping by!



Hippo is better looking.... Using the triangles polygons on animal design just does not look right...

The Rwanda Hippo is rare and cool. The 10 coin sheet, it comes in, is really nice.

I was told there is no limited mintage now for the Hippo.

Both are nice, but I like the Lunar Rooster.

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For me the Rwandan Hippo looks like the better piece.

Ive got both coins and defo recommend the hippo, the rooster is the least favourite of my lunar coins , just toooo fussy for my taste

Get this! I think they're cool, it's got a hippo on it hello? Lol

Rooster is the first of the a new series, I may actually be a better long term investment if the series gets hot.

Go for the cock, bro. You know you want to, lmao.

I love the first (may be my French side)

I'm leaning towards the Hippos...both are pretty cool though!
Stack on!

If you are going to eventually get both, go for the lower mintage. I would guess they are more likely to appreciate in the short term (but there are numerous factors that could make that theory wrong). Either way, enjoy your new shiny!