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Hello friends: scallywags, hoodlums, stackers, hackers and crypto-mackers!

Ol’ Silverbeard is back in one piece after a good ol’ fashioned looting — and me Pirate’s ship is resting low in the tides. Any more success and i’d have to batten down the hatches!

It all started at cock’s crow! I rendezvoused with me 1st mate at the local espresso emporium. @uglyboy is perhaps one of the most innappropriate and offensive cretins i know — and probably why we’re such good palz!

So we met and caffeinated our drunk and weary selves, and talked about the crypto-casinos of Babylon. Both @uglyboy an me own damn self have taken to sitting back with some grog and pirating on-line. Massive gains for both of us and nary a canon ball fired.

Today we went armed with the scurvy notes of death, debt and destruction — assured we were, for the fiat paper holds more clout these days than the blessed pages of the Good Book.

First we went to VBCE and stood in line with the veritable zombies of our financial system — back and forth go notes of improbability, while the good shiny lays idle in the back of the shop. Today i exchanged $292 usd for 15 x 150yr anniversary voyageur 1oz 9999, and got a free tube too!


Me mate @uglyboy did pretty good too — but i don’t want to spoil the party he’s throwing tonight! Have a peek... he may say something innappropriate to any comment — but that’s part of the fun 🤣🤣🤣

So on to the shady gold-buyers shop! He sells too dontcha know?

For zero premiums i gathered 2 Libertads and 3 ASEs — 2 of ‘em came in sweet airtights and the third looks like it was in a rum-fuelled inferno — such toning, many wows!




We slunk out of there like two drunk Blues Bros from the 17th century — my peg knocking on the sidewalk and @uglyboy’s parrot casting menacing eyeballz at all who dared to espy our cache.

We yo ho ho’d up the boulevard, @uglyboy behind the wheel and me twiddling my magic compass — directing 13 nymphs of the litecoin into tens and tens and tens of thousands of po.ets

With me compass i neither have to go to babylon nor question its hours... its all at the tips of my delicate fingers!

Avast!!! Ye old local coin shop came within our sights. We parked under the ground and emerged from a crack in the wall. Through the cage and into the dragon’s lair...

I asked to see 20 old Canadianas gave back 4 — Quebec/Charlottetown offends my sense of decorum and has some design flaws that disagree with my fancy palate. In their stead i just snapped up a wee 5 oz ingot — it’s good to have bricks and mortar.



A plastic sleeping bag is no place for an ingot of the shiny!


Ho ho ho!!!

Finally, just to keep it all a little bit insane, and thoroughly hilarious, the captain bought some fiat today too!

Por Qwhat!!!?

For the last $50 cad i was happily parting with i was able to really get some numbers in my favour. As well, i have wanted to posess this upcoming item since i first heard about it. It is a reminder to all who cast their gaze upon it that money created out of thin air and backed by debt, death and the destruction of our planet is doomed to fail — or we as a sociopathic species will erradicate ourselves. Let’s hope it’s just a financial collapse!


That’s right scallywags, @thedamus is a trillionaire!!!

Merry Christmas Everyone!!! I hope you are all positioned well and have friends and family to gather with this season.

Merry Christmas to #thealliance


Merry Christmas to #teamcanada


Of course it’s a Merry Christmas to ssg


I am excited to read posts on Christmas, and can’t wait to see what i got, AND, how my secret santa recipient responds 😁😁😁


Stax, you know you’re welcome into the Captain’s quarters and to stand under the mistletoe!!!



United we stand friends! I look forward to what is shaping up to be a very exciting 2018.

My best wishes to all

Merry Christmas! from @thedamus


ps — monster curration in about 7hrs ;)


That's a massive pirate haul, matee! Arrrrr!

Thats a heafty haul sir Pirate, and some damn good catches if I say myself. Man I am stoked that you have this Pirate fixation...... time will explain that last sentence,,,, keep stacking that shit brother..... crypto profits to silver, ain't nothing better

I tips me hat to you Mr. Oracle! it was your fine sleuthing that uncovered this new talent, this diamond in the rough, this tech for our times...

this po.et who has... all of the rhymes

Our first biz venture was an exciting blast! And we fucking killed it dead Ray!!! I can’t wait to hear about the significance of my pirate fization... and i can’t wait to tell you about my thoughts on alchemy!

Maybe spring/summer ‘18 we’ll be sitting on a patio somewhere telling each other how smart and goodlooking we both are!!!

That is, if we’re not out on your ski-boat ;)

123456 the future is almost known!

Cheers Ray! from @thedamus


Looks like you may have to get another Pirates chest to take on the over flow .
My new line at the bullion shops will be " is that your final price "

Bah ha ha! T’was fun looting the villiage with ya today Matey!

Merry Christmas @thedamus Your the Frickin Man... Stack On and Crypto On...:)


I’m still carrying my 1/2 oz Sunshine ;)

Don't let it go! It will Bring you Incredible Powers in 2018!!! :)

Shiver me timbers me hearties. May your cockles be moist and your barnacles always stick.

Them be some great pick-ups ye old see dog. Yarr!! May this festive period be filled with plenty of rum to warm your inards. Hoping the wind be in ye sails and a favourable tide to see you home.

Avast Welshie! Thank ye for the glad tidings!

I have no idea what you said but I think my timbers are shivering. All that loot looks pretttttty. I think you need some emoji accessories : 🧜🏼‍♀️💍🤩👑✨🗺⛵️⚓️🏝

I feel the need to tell you a joke.
Q: why are pirates so mean?
A: Because they Arrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Q: What’s a pirate’s favourite letter?

(...you say: Arrrrr!)

A: no, they like the ‘C’ more!!!


Yes yes it is the C they love. LOL ( sea - took me some time to get it)

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awesome booty there bud i love the toning on that eagle its beautiful! :)

It’s practically iridescent!!! Prob my single fave piece from today!

Merry Christmas Ray! We are all gonna HIT IT BIG in 2018!!! Stack and Crypto on...

Thats what I’m talking about!!! Real money there!!!
Nice post and great pictures!!!

Thanks buster!

That teal toned Eagle is the coolest. How does one get it to tone so beautifily? Seriously? how does it happen.

Looks like you had an incredible day brother! Thanks for sharing! What a haul!!!

Sweet haul! It’s nice because we have a nice sale going on 😀

So friggin cheap when your paying with crypto gains...

I love the pirate perspective.
Nice to see you are finally a trillionair!

Lofl! I know right? About friggin time!

Geez Damus, that's a whole lotta shiny! Is the "shady gold-buyers shop" a local pawn shop? They have ASE's for no premium? Do you carry around a magnet to test? I would be nervous buying shiny from a pawn shop.

I’m pro bro...

Aaaarrrrrrr... some very nice booty that you have there matey.

Coins are love, Coins are life. Nice man, investing in precious metals has always been a safe bet.

Merry Christmas. Nice haul.

Bitcoin make a horrible record to higher transaction cost @thedamus

Some very nice scores there my man. The pirate slang was pretty funny lol😀

Nice buys dude! I really like the toning on that ASE

YES! @thedamus joins the Trillionaire club AND it's


The 150yr anniversary voyageur coins are absolutely stunning.

Today's haul is another fantastic example of the Silver Sale going on - Great Job!

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Thanks rando!

Nice silver post

Sliver gold!

Awesome haul!

I hope is a good infmation

I wish you the best of this christmas celebration. More wisdom and more steem...enjoy boss

oww,,Congratulations brother.Make more progress in the future.Your life can be filled with coins in coins

Merry Christmas dear bro. . stack On and Crypto On... @thedamus

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Hey, @thedamus, This post is awesome.
Coins are the talk of the town nowadays.
Thanks for sharing.

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Arrggghh ya scurvy dogs looted some mighty fine treasure. Those coins and bars will make a mighty fine add to ya treasure chest.

That's some great pieces you have there. My stack ist still small but it grows fast. thx to crypto's.

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