Winner Winner Big Mac Dinner!

in #steemsilvergold5 years ago (edited)

Hello, Hola, Bonjour and Riva la Derché!


Ahhhh...Saturday! I pulled one of my fave moves at Starbucks this morning: i bought a quad espresso for $3.41 cad and ordered a “Free” Grande ice water (triple filtered apparently), and then got a ham & swiss croissant (toasted openfaced) with my rewards — so also free. And then i sat down and got caught up with all the monkey business going on in #ssg and beyond...


Oooops, wrong photo... 😳😜😁🤣😂😂😂😭😭😭

Bah ha ha, such a juvenile sometimes...

After Sbux i went past Pobox and behold! A package from the Steemit blockchain and somebody called...Toro?


Who the fuck is Toro? Hmmm... this feels an awful lot like it’s some skullduggery from #SSG. Let’s look inside 🤓🤓🤓


Oooh la la, it’s already looking pretty interesting! I see some cash and a postcard, and this package has balls! It cost $16 freakin’ bucks to send — Thanks Toro!


Holy Molé! This package is a bloody pinãta!!!
Let’s have a look at the back of the cardboard first...


Nizzzzze!!! Somebody knows @thedamus!


Well motherfucker, Motherfucker! It’s @goldkey

...and he’s brought it on! Thanks for cool postcard goldkey, i wanna’ drink some whiskey in that thar shed! But crikey man, what else did you send?



Fuck Yeah!!! A free bigmac! I’m gonna’ spend that asap! 😳😜😁👉🍔

I’m loving it!

Next, we have a godamned Hallmark card! What a classy guy! 😍😘😘


And, it was filled with loot!!!

A couple different versions of fiat $1 US coins — i was wondering, do people actually accept the small “gold” coin as buck in the states? Or the other one for that matter?


There was a current Canadian quarter which i’ll prolly spend on laundry, but dang if i don’t love the design of the quarter. In silver, these babies are schaweeet! (...thedamus begins to hatch a plan!)


@goldkey also sent me some fancy toilet paper — thanks man, you never know when you’re going to find yourself in a “pinch...” 😳😁🤣🤣🤣😭


There was also a keychain fob that was so shiny it was hard to photograph: World Famous Gold & Silver pawn shop! Cool! That’s an lcs i’d love to check out!


But also, as per note, there was two 1964 sets consisting of a US quarter and dime for my boys!

Thanks man! They’s loot chests be slowly filling up.


But also, that crazy mofo @goldkey sent me a gorgeous silver proof Canadian dollar!



And hilariously awesome, all the above loot and regalia were additions to the prize i won in the #steemsilvergold MONSTER RAFFLE II, which was...trumpets please!!!

This fabulous Engelhard Bar — and one more of me precious to covet.


💥💥💥 BOOM!!!💥💥💥



🌟⚡️✨😍 WOW!!!😍✨⚡️🌟

Thanks @goldkey! That was amazing!!!

Was it good for you? ...I’m exhausted! Lofl!!!



Cheers! from @thedamus


This is an amazing post and I'm glad you liked the package. I like to add some additional loot to prizes, but since you are the Ultimate Pirate at #SteemSilverGold, I had to kick it up to overdrive.

Congrats on the Engelhard bar - it is a premium serialized silver bar. I love these bars and love to share them even more.

The Canadian Silver Proof Dollar was the perfect addition for you. Plus, I had to include some silver for the boys.

I'm glad you like the other additions too... all bonuses from the states.

During a trip to Las Vegas, I picked up the keychain fob from World Famous Gold & Silver pawn shop. This is the shop from the Pawn Stars TV show on the History Channel. I hoped you'd like it.

Finally, I had to drink some Guinness while I packed this up, since I know @thedamus likes some Guinness.

Cheers !
Stack On' and Steem On'

Killed it buddy! Killed it dead!!!

You're a Good Dude @goldkey !!!

@thedamus, this is a very enjoyable read, and an awesomely engaging post! What a package you got from @goldkey... congrats. CHEERS, my friend!

It was a good’un! 😁😁😁👍

Total awesome package man. @goldkey doesn’t fuck around.👊🏻👊🏻👊🏻

el Toro does not fuck around!

Once again the love from the ssg community is incredible. @goldkey stepped up and knocked it out of the park!!

Heavy hitters ‘round these here parts!

Is there a word in English that describes exactly how great were the extras and the prize?



Oh my, what a hoard! My Congrats @thedamus !

Thx raven! I salut ye with a tip o my grog!

BTW @thedamus there seems to be sale at J and M.

I stopped by there to pick up a few nice deals Saturday morning.

It’s always Christmas in @thedamus’s P.O. Box! 😄😍

Jingle bells jingling!

Whoo. GK killed it! Nice package


Very good job! Well done! :)

All pictures are beautiful and nice collection.

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