Unbox This!!!

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Hi friends!

So first off, HOLYFUCKINGSHIT bitcoin just sailed through 15k usd and hit $21,000 cad on quadrigacx sometime last night.

My mind is blown — 🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪

I guess next stops are 25k then 50k usd and then on to $100,000 cad. It’s just a matter of time now...

Ho Lee Phuck! Such coinage, many wows...

Yadda, yadda, yadda, wanna’ see some silver?


I have been waiting for a package from @raybrockman for a couple weeks now — Canada Post has been, well, Canada Post. Anyway, i’ve been jonesing so hard i’ve picked up some Engelhards and was driven by me pitate’s lust to order some loot from silvergoldbull.ca too. Well, it all landed today!


First up, a sweet silver shield round! Think this one is going to Mrs @thedamus



Next, 3 x 2018 Kooks! Love this series!!!


And now, the Brockman Splash!


Nine storm troopers — 5 golden rings! — Three Noah’s arks, two (more) Kookaburrahs and a partridge in a pear tree!

Today has been great: I picked up silver, drank espresso, ate a bowl of pho and received a text from Mrs @thedamus that her bitcoin wallet has more than doubled since Nov 16th!!!


Doan it make ya feel like dancing?


Doan it make ya feel alright?


Doan it make ya feel like dancing?


Hope you’re all happy, warm and safe out there my friends. And that you have a shiny Merry Christmas with the people whom you love the most!




Rock out with your cock out!!!


Cheers from @thedamus



That is a MASSIVE haul! Merry Consumerism, Stormtroopers and Kooks! I love them all!

And that little girl is quite a cutie.

There both boys! Beautiful, beautiful boys ❤️

Damn sorry I missed this, been a little under the weather today, glad Canada post decided to deliver that thing. Thanks for the shot out and the coin buddy.😎👊

That's some fantastic shiny :)


Bitcoin & Cryptos phenomena is cool and everything. Physical Precious Metal will have their day, someday, too.

S’all good brah!

HOLYSHIT !!! Nice Early Christmas Present for @thedamus on the value of this Posting............. @stokjockey is jealous of the payout and the SILVER !


Awesome sauce. That's a sweet haul dude!

Cheers fat-e! I am fucking stoked for the Stormtroopers! And i have wanted a Noah’s ark coin for longtime...

Those coins are sweet! I only have 1 Noah's ark coins myself, because of the premium on them, but the way cryptos been going maybe I should treat myself a bit?

Spending cryptos on silver these days is like taking a rocketlauncher to a snowball fight!

still waiting for a pullback.

Badass Stormtrooper coins- I really hope this is the beginning of the end for government-mandated-through-violence- fiat currency.

Got bitcoin?

Yes- Bitcoin, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Dogecoin, Dash, and Etherum. Let the good times roll.

Wow ! What a great stash you got there my friend !! Its definitely a very Merry Christmas for you and your family !! Your wife's So lucky to have bit coin right now ! I never get in on that , and im sure kicking my as now like a lot of folks ! Thanks for sharing your unboxing and Christmas cheer with us all !! 👍👍👍💕💲💲💲💲🎀🎄🎀🎄🎀🎄

Damn some awesome scores bro! I thought about getting a storm trooper or Vader even I saw them.

Nice haul!

Yep! Killing it deD these days kp!

Cant argue with the army of storm troopers your building there 😀 sweet unboxing.


Unboxing precious metals is one of life greatest pleasures. You know whats inside and still it's thrilling. You know the beauty that you are about too see.
Beautiful coins @thedamus

Some nice shiny my friend. Looking forward to the weekend, where I can rock out with my cock out.

Make sure you get some reigns for that bad-boy!

Gang-nam style!

Awesome haul. I think you almost beat my whole stack in one shipment. Lol. I guess we all start somewhere.

Dude, you’re in !

Be happy!

Always someone richer, always someone poorer

I've given you a follow already, @jsull!
Swing by my blog and harvest some upvotes when you comment! :D

When all is said and done, 15,000 dollar BitCoin will be equal to $150 in U.S. Pocket Change...

I know it sounds nutty, but I'm very confident we will soon Reset our U.S. Coinage... At Present, BitCoin is measured in Paper Fiat Debt Notes... That will all change...

Really cool!


For some reason, pix were loading SLOW!
Thankfully, the "Rock Out" part was blank too! :D
So I hurried up and did a 100% UV and scurried away! LOL

Cock Cock Ballz n Cock!!!

happy holidays and congrats !!!

nice post

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So sweet

The Vader’s are sweet. I have a couple of ‘em and adore this series so far.

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Visions of kookaburras danced in their heads...


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