The Quartermaster is On Deck!

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T’is #piratesunday

Ahoy: mofos, mofettes, scallywags, cretins, rabble-rousers, stackers and scurvy dogs! Today i fly the freak flag and foist my findings for your formidable phantasmagoricalisms.

Avast! f-bombs away


...the sea was calm, the sun was shining, there was a not unpleasant wafft coming from astern and humourously propelling the Ingot along its wayward course...Sometimes i let the old gal drift where she pleases. But yesterday was not such a day, as i had a wee bit of recognizance to do for a fellow of the code. I surveilled my lcs with a swave and deboner air, and discreetly discovered the asking price on some treasures of yore. Blimey! Them dollups are gangsta.


Ooops! Wrong photo... 😳😜🤣😂😂🍆

T’was these dollups ⤵️


So i discovered the ask from Joe himself, and crikey, ol’ Joe be one legit pirate him very self. And P was there too 😳 and he had some candy!

A tube of BU US Quarters from the way back. Cash = no tax, so he cleaned me out but nary a dolla’. $59 CAD for $3.50 face value = $17 per
And, to borrow a phrase from @silverd510, these are all blast white. (or look that way to me.) Mostly ‘64s there’s some ‘62s and ‘63s in here too


I’m going to try and rescue the rest of the tube top o the week — Y’Arrrr!!!

Here be another pic through the captain’s spyglass


I am @thedamus, Quartermaster and Captain of the good ship the ssg Ingot

Go get you some!

Cheers! from @thedamus




If the quarters are really uncirculated you got an amazing price! Congrats!


They look pretty clean 😁🤩😁👍

All these pictures look like a Pirates catch. Nice score buddy!!

Thar be some looty and some booty!

Thank you for your continued support of SteemSilverGold

A great plunder Cap'n

Cheers fat-e — i just need a matey and some fish n chips and we’ll lay waste to this town! ☠️💀☠️

Is this you returning from a raid on fat burger ?...You forgot to fly your flag



I was OK with the Second Picture. Arrrrgh !!!

Thar be some mighty fine plundering me ol' see dog.

Keep stacking those BU's buddy, they look fantastic

Yeah man! Gonna’ try and get back for the rest of ‘em 😎👍

“Blast white” baby......great score

Ah man, some of these are probo gradable 🤩 going back for the rest of the tube and to see if J will bite 👍

Smart move. Ok, that’s what they go for here so if he says no it’s no big deal. They sell between $240-$250 each here.

I’d say grab ‘em local then... no need to pay postage and risk loss for $10-20z

Nice score buddy! I can't imagine how many of these I probably had back in the day that ended up in various arcade games. 😅

Balanced images for the ideology...

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