The Butterfly Effect (or, Death to the Bears!)

in steemsilvergold •  2 months ago

It has happened friends! A great disturbance in the Force has occurred and things going forward will never be the same!



They say a single bullet started WWI — the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand set the wheels in motion for what was to become the most ferocious and destructive conflict in human history up to that point in time.

Another (ongoing and pertinent) example might be the birth of the Blockchain. On Jan 3rd, 2009, bitcoin was born and has since succeeded in drawing over 100 billion dollars to its very magnetic core, and indeed sparked the birth of a 1,000 new coins, as many CEOs and new technology galore. It is a pivotal moment in history when informed peop

Ooooops 80% of my post just disappeared!!!


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Talk about cosmic alignment.... That's some crazy shit!



That reminds me, I need to find a silver butterfly.

And looky looky loo!


Behold the welshstacker effect!!!

This disturbance in The Force is putting steem at $.77 at this moment. Please call Yoda and fix it...


I find your lack of faith disturbing


Yoda will i call, and it we will fix!


If we could pin post's, this would be a pinned post for sure. Just pure EPIC!!. Its almost like 2-3 posts in one.


Thanks uk, i figured i had to write somethibg decent after my “shitpost #1” fiasco 😜🤣🤩👍

Yeah! The stars ARE aligned... We are ready for cryptos to hit the Bull Run AND silver stacks are gonna grow.... Gold & Silver will spike after the cryptos' Bull Run.


Bring it on like Cheech & Chong!

Thank you for your continued support of SteemSilverGold

Excellent post.

Glad I stumbled upon your article.

Agree to both your sentiments; that is, the world cannot be un-crypto'ed and the metaphysical aspect of the tech is a secret that's hiding in plain sight.

Following you now.

Namaste, JaiChai


Cool man! Welcome aboard!!!






🦋 💨

😄🤣😂 Thank goodness so many of us seem to be eating beans.


Beans and corndogs!


The disturbance you speak of was caused when you decided to eat Owenwat and his horseshoe. You were already lucky as fuck but that obliterated the forcefield. Enjoy the windfall brother, you deserve it.👍 mine is already on its way, but who knows with the Canadian post....


Bah ha ha! Ever since he sent me the pick of destiny things have been exceptional!

Water shed moments are phenomenal, for sure! Watch out for the raging bull! Cheers!


I pictured you loading up monster boxes of ASEs!


I was Told by @silversaver888 that it was not a Good Idea to Run the Red Light, even though I wanted to. It would be a RUSH of Adrenaline......... @thedamus


...saver’s pretty smart 😜👍

I think you may be right. Look for the markets to start skyrocketing! Welsh is such a nice guy to include the extras. Enjoy the new loot.


Cheers buddy 🤘😎

Love the reference to chaos theory. I spent my Saturday night watching a chaos theory documentary.



You are the winner man. Great victory. Keep it up.
How do you feel when you received it?


Like a million 🍆’s!!!


😎. ✌

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Sounds interesting, but wait, whats it got to do with this post! Please clarify someone who is not inborn dot connector!

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