Mercury Dime Cufflinks

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Hi friends!

So I was rooting through some of my stuff and came across these cufflinks. I had them made for my dear old dad for a birthday present about 8 years ago — 1937 was his birth year. He loved them, and I was really happy when he told me he was showing them off to his buddies and talking up the “my kid’s crazy for silver talk!” 🤪

Anyway, they came back to me after my Da passed away and I have had them tucked away ever since. I’m yet to wear them out, but one day I’ll get my dandy on and sport these babies out for a night on the town! The backs are .925 and the Mercs are .900 Ag


...hoping to get back around these here parts a little more in the upcoming time-frame. Big shout-out to all the fine folks of SSG — keep stacking y’all!

Cheers! from @thedamus



Very nice, @thedamus! One of the #ladisofssg4eva has a pair of Merc Dimes earrings!
Take care, my friend 🥰🌺🤙

I love, love, love, that u gals have your own tag!

One of these day I'll pull out my coin jewelry bracelets, I just have to remember where I stashed them.

10 paces from the ol’ palm tree! X marks the spot!!! Y’arrr

When I win the lottery or cryptos finally make me a millionaire, we're all getting dressed to the 9's and hitting Vegas baby!!

You mean we’re all getting dressed up to the 999’s!

I always loved Mercury Dimes, and to have them made into cuff links awesome!!!😀

Look snazzy while yer stackin’ 👍

I like that idea LOL!!!

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